CIAC football state playoff scoreboard: FCIAC, SCC reign on Super Tuesday

Above: The state quarterfinal YouTube playlist. Click the upper left-hand corner to scroll through videos. Videos by, RickVolk and GameTimeCT

Indian defensive lineman Austin Mahon(52) and Patrick Vanacore (74) battle to recover a fumble by Platt. John Vanacore for the Register

Indian defensive lineman Austin Mahon(52) and Patrick Vanacore (74) battle to recover a fumble by Platt.
John Vanacore for the Register

Aside from a topsy-turvy Class LL bracket, which saw the attack of the higher seeds. Most of the state playoff brackets held true.

And it was a night to be a member of the the south and southwestern (but not South-West) Connecticut power conferences.

The FCIAC and SCC went a combined 7-1 in the quarterfinals. The FCIAC was unbeaten. The SCC was 3-1. That one loss was a head-to-head match, Darien’s 31-29 victory over Hand (which, by the way bumps the FCIAC overall record to 14-10 over their New Haven brothers).

Those two conferences dominated the Class LL and Class L proceedings.

Add in the NVL’s two victorious participants, Ansonia and Woodland, and those three leagues comprised more than half of the remaining playoff teams.

The SWC went 2-2. It lost Newtown, its champion, in Class LL. Brookfield knocked Thanksgiving rival Bethel out. Barlow advanced with its first playoff win in its first playoff game.

The Pequot was 1-3. Valley Regional/Old Lyme (Class M) was the only team to advance.

UPDATE: Though that didn’t seem to keep Coginchaug coach John Bozzi from sounding off on his feelings about Ansonia. The Coginchaug coach praised Arkeel Newsome, but had choice words for the rest of the Chargers and even their coaching staff.

From the Hartford Courant’s story by Matt McDonough:
“Flat out, we lost to one guy. This group in white is the best team on that field. We lost to one guy. You take away Arkeel Newsome and this is a less than average football team. At this point right now, as they are, they wouldn’t be the best team in our division let alone the state. They did not impress me tonight. Arkeel Newsome impressed me, but nothing else impressed me.”

After a nice showing a year ago, the CCC headed south and out of the field. It brought a whopping eight state playoff teams into quarterfinal night. Only half remained to play in the semifinals: Southington was just one of three to win in LL, Middletown just one of three in L, Rocky Hill and Bloomfield both advanced in S.

The ECC, which was great a year ago, lost all three of its teams: New London, NFA and Ledyard (though Ledyard put up a major fight before falling to St. Joseph 84-49(!!!).

Finally, three CSC teams — yes, even Capital Prep — were shown the door. The league remains winless in the state playoffs.

Most games were blowouts — or at least became blowouts.

Ridgefield’s 35-33 win over Newtown in LL, Darien’s 31-29 win over Hand in L and Brookfield’s 22-21 comeback win vs. Bethel were the only games decided by less than a touchdown. Fairfield Prep’s 33-23 win over Glastonbury was the next closest score. The next closest? Bloomfield’s 24-point win over Capital Prep.

Here’s the full breakdown of what happened last night in the state quarterfinals. Click the links to read through the carnage.

Much, much more later.


2013 ClassLL fb bracketQUARTERFINALS

Saturday, 2 p.m.

  • No. 8 Ridgefield (10-2) vs. No. 4 Southington (10-1) at West Haven
  • No. 7 Fairfield Prep (10-2) vs. No. 6 West Haven (10-2) at Trumbull

Friday, Dec. 13 or Saturday, Dec 14

  • At Arute Field, CCSU, New Britain


CLASS L2013 Class L fb bracket

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Saturday, Dec., 7, 2 p.m.

  • No. 1 Darien (11-1) vs. No. 4 Middletown (11-1) at Pomperaug
  • North Haven (10-2) vs. #3 New Canaan (13-1) at Jonathan Law

Friday, Dec. 13 or Saturday, Dec 14

  • At Arute Field, CCSU, New Britain


2013 Class M fb bracketCLASS M

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Saturday, Dec. 7

  • No. 1 Valley Regional/Old Lyme (12-0) vs. No. 5 Brookfield (10-3) at Cheshire
  • No. 2 St. Joseph (11-2) vs. No. 3 Barlow (10-2) at Bunnell

Friday, Dec. 13 or Saturday, Dec 14

  • At Arute Field, CCSU, New Britain


2013 Class S fb bracketCLASS S

Tuesday, Dec. 3
No. 2 Ansonia 49, Coginchaug 21
No. 8 Bloomfield 27, No. 1 Capital/Classical/Achievement 3
No. 3 Rocky Hill 51, No. 7 Prince Tech 8
No. 4 Woodland 47, No. 5 Morgan 21

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2 p.m.
No. 8 Bloomfield (10-2) vs. No. 4 Woodland (11-2) at Wolcott
No. 2 Ansonia (13-0) vs. No. 2 Rocky Hill (11-1) at Sheehan

Friday, Dec. 13 or Saturday, Dec 14

  • At Arute Field, CCSU, New Britain


  1. Brian says

    Awful job by the CIAC putting all these games at 2pm. They should all step down as they are clueless on how to run a real playoff system. The one in place is very broken and the scores of last night prove it. There is no way the Tech’s and the Farmington’s/Platts/Gilberts and Quinebuag valley/Conginchaugs belong in this tourney.

    Please tell me what Joes and Ansonia are proving playing in those classes?

    The fact that there is not one 7pm game or even a doubleheader during the day is a disgrace by the committee not to mention some of the locations are a joke and all upstate besides. Please resign Mr. Hoey!!

    • ibleedblue says

      Brian, The class you play in is predicated by the male enrollment of your school. Another fault of the C.I.A.C. That’s why all the B.S. on the blogs about who could beat who are moot points. They will, under the current format, never play one another unless the coaches agree to play in the “extra” game that the calendar affords every so many years.

  2. fciac jr says

    Let the argument begin with the playoff points and playing lower class teams. No way should all 3 of the CCC teams be in the top 8. They are not bad, but Xavier and Staples deserved to be in 2 of those spots along with Shelton. Same with Newtown, though it would have been nice to see them go all the way but it just goes to show how they aren’t prepared by beating up class M and S teams all year and then have to play the 6th place FCIAC team and lose.

    Darien and Hand was a great game with two amazing teams. New Canaan will win the L. Ridgefield’s luck runs out. Looks like 1 title for the title league.

    • D Money says

      The FCIAC conference will not help Darien this Saturday or NC in the Champonship game against Middletown. It will be team against team.

      I remember 3 – 4 years ago, the FCIAC fans were talking a big game before Trumbull played Xavier for the LL title.

      Xavier went on to crush Trumbull.

      It is not the conference, it is the coaches and players.

  3. Football realist says

    The CSC and Pequot Conf should be relagated to 1 team per conf. Capital Prep recruits their area very hard giving out cards, contacting players at neighboring schools and can’t even hold the jock straps of any teams in the playoffs. They are a joke of a playoff team. Glad to see them lose again. Yuck!

  4. Big Dog says

    Good post Jr….The three teams you listed above were all worthy teams capable to beat anyone in LL.That said,CPTV had another great game to add to their banner broadcast years.Hats off to both Darien and Hand for a great game last nite.Despite the naysayers, I had a feeling Hand would show up and not only compete last night….and how about that game ending 5+ minute game winning Darien drive….Great game wish the state had more of them…Only 3 games last night decided by 10 or less points.

  5. Tom says

    Sure upsets happen (dont remember Trumbull having an unbelievable team recently but ill take your word for it). However, that doesnt change the fact that good teams are being held out of states because horrible teams from up north ruin the tournaments. Ridgefield and Hand were both 8 seeds– give me a break. Put either of those teams in Asonnia’s conference and they would have a shot at going undefeated. Additionally, schools that recruit should all be thrown into the same tournament together (St. Joes will dominate every team in its bracket and it’s a shame). FCIAC deserve 4 spots in the state playoffs every year. Ridgefield was barely a top 5 FCIAC team and they just “upset” a top five Newtown team. Give me a break. The CIAC playoff system is a joke and everyone knows it except the Tech teams and teams that only play in conference games. Additionally, New Canaan will beat both Middletown and NH by 21 points. I expect a great Middletown/Darien match up — i’ve watched film on both teams and it is a tough game to call. Middletown has better players but Darien is better coached.

    • D Money says


      Not sure I agree that Darien is better coached than Middletown. Remember Sal Morello took Cromwell from no program to multple champion ship games (and yes beat Ansonia) before coming home to Middletown (where he was a talented running back and kicker).

      That being said, you said it, Middletown has better players than Darien. Not sure Darien has faced a team with the size, speed, depth, and agressiveness of Middletown.

      Maybe Middletown’s agressiveness is the reason they are penalized so often. Penalites maybe the reason Middlletown could get beat.

      However, I believe Middletown’s November loss to NL was a blessing.

      Saturday, I see a focused Middletown team showing up to beat Darien.

  6. Mike says

    Hey D Money,
    Xavier beat Trumbull 24-14 for the LL Title. While Xavir played a great game and deserved to win let’s not make the game out like it was 56-7.

    • D Money says


      First I am not a Xavier fan. However, when people shoot their mouths off on how good a conference is, they forget the games need to be played.

      That said, there is an old saying “talk is cheap”.

      And in the case of the Xavier vs Trumbull game, given the down state pregame chatter, anything but a win by Trumbull was humiliating.

      I am not trying to diminish Trumbull football, which has a good tradition. This is just an example of down state fans tend to make a big deal about the FCIAS conference (which is good).

      I believe fans should support their teams, and stay away from using conferences to evaluate up coming team match ups.

  7. says

    ansonia with the states best rb running behind states best 0-line

    ridgefield——newtown was what everybody thought they were
    west haven—–how good could hall have been?
    ffld prep——- riding big momentum,glastonbury another upstate farce
    southington——wtf happened to NFA?
    new caanan—– farmington should stick to farming
    darien—-hand very well coached but suspect defense cost them
    middletown—- guess first loss was a fluke
    north haven—– platt was what everybody thought they were
    st.joes——–50 points to ledyard?
    barlow—–gilbert with ugliest unis in playoffs
    valley——-quina whatever needs 3 more schools
    ansonia——coginchaug can play another50 years and never see speed like that
    bloomfield—–cap prep had everyone fooled—including me
    rocky hill—– prince tech— name says it all
    woodland——-thought morgan would show better

    not for nothing but saturdays schedule has a NVL team playing on a NVL field and a SCC team playing on a SCC field.those are neutral sites?

    • perspective says

      Ray, in fairness to Glastonbury, how are they a farce when they lost to Prep, and although they dug a hole early they clearly held their own other than not being able to stop Smith. Ansonia never even has an opportunity to get exposed in S considering all of the teams that used to be in that division from power conferences like SJ, Darien, even say New London in years past, are all in bigger classes. I am not a Gbury fan, and I despise private schools, but how is it a shame to lose to an evenly matched or better squad. We will see what happens when the Chargers play a loaded Newtown team next year.

        • The Truth Hurts says

          That is exactly my point.You lose the greatest running back since Jim Thorpe with 750 Touchdowns and 100,000 career yards and you know how many games Ansonia will lose in the NVL in 2014…ZERO.If I voted on the Poll,I would vote Ansonia #1 in the Final Poll.Not because they are the clear cut best team in the State but because they will most likely be the ONLY undefeated team left at years end.They take advantage of the system,something that is very familiar in todays world.My point is Ansonia and OTHERS have the clout to petition the CIAC and say ,we are just too good,and they are,to play these teams in the playoffs.You allow us to play LL teams during the season but why not in the playoffs ??

    • Kevin says

      I’ve been covering North Haven football and can only remember North Haven playing at Jonathan Law one time – and it wasn’t recently.

  8. jeb says

    RayRay, You crack me up! Really enjoyed your comments about each game. Please do a follow up after the semi-finals. Just a note that the FCIAC has won 15 of the 25 games played against the SCC this year including the great Darien vs Hand game last night.

  9. Chris Berman says

    I would like to see Newtown put into the FCIAC. They beat up on SWC teams all year for the most part and come play offs its a whole new world. They would hold there own in FCIAC. Not saying they would win it but they’re better than over half of the conference.

    • The Truth Hurts says

      Okay,prove it.Rank the teams in order of Quality between the FCIAC and NVL.I will give you a brief list .At #1} either New Cannan or Ansonia. 3}St Josephs 4} Darien 5}Ridgefield 6}Greenwich 7}Staples 8} Mcmahon or Woodland or Naugatuck

  10. JJJJ4 says

    Newtown plays in a weak league and they will continue to beat up on the small schools and inflate their records playing in the SWC. One must now look to the coaching staff at the school. Remember 3 years ago Newtown was up 14-0 against Staples and the game slipped away. Last year against NFA the team was lead to believe that NFA would be “at best” .500 in the SWC and Newtown gets destroyed. Last night against Ridgefield, Newtown stayed in a 3 man front for the entire 1st half and gave up a ton of yards to their RB yet no adjustment until the 2nd half. The team has the personal but the coaching is suspect.

    • JB says

      I was praying for Newtown, but alas just not competitive coming out of the SWC for a LL team. Newtown needs to change leagues to the FCIAC or SCC to find success in the post season. Just not prepared enough to compete with the battle tested, big league players. Heck, Ridgefield was only the 4th or 5th best team in the FCIAC.

  11. YMonHudson says

    Did anyone pay any attention to the asinine statements by the Coginchaug head coach?! He wasn’t
    ‘impressed’ with the ‘rest’ of Ansonia’s team?! Just ‘one guy’ beat them?!! Arkeel Newsome is a tremendous
    RB, most likely the MVP of the class S playoffs & sure to make a lot of noise when he gets to UCONN. But
    he runs behind an equally talented offensive line, just as Jake Ward does at Morgan. If his ‘team in white’
    was the best on the field last night why didn’t Cog’s D stop Newsome the way a talented Woodland D
    stuffed Ward?! Sour grapes is one thing but the Coginchaug head coach’s remarks went from the
    ridiculous to the sublime.

  12. says

    coginchaug coach comments rather curious—-newsome didnt block,tackle or coach and chargers still won by 30—anyone who knows ansonia knows qb mcnight would have been second best player on field.bozzi doesnt know how lucky he got lol.hes the kinda of guy that would marry a beauty queen than after honeymoon nite announces he will stay gay.

  13. SCC fan says

    Ray, not only do the scc and fciac fans don’t know anything, now other coaches don’t. Too funny!

    But I do agree that those comments were unnecessary and should have been kept to himself.

  14. says

    listen if i know a one back offense is running same play over and over and i dont jam box and knowing theyre qb would not play—–im right the coaches dont know —-

  15. jeb says

    The lines have been posted for the semi-final games:

    Southington 6

    Prep 4-
    West Haven

    Darien 14

    New Canaan 9
    North Haven

    Valley Regional 5-

    St. Joes 21-

    Woodlands 3

    Ansonia Off the board
    Rocky Hill Prince Tech are you kidding year Wright Tech or Stamford

    This is my opinion only

    • JB says

      TALE OF THE TAPE – the CCC vs the SCC & FCIAC:

      school/seed score

      Glastonbury / #2 23 – 33
      Hall / #3 26 – 51
      Platt / #2 0 – 35
      Farmington / #6 0 – 46

      average seed = #3
      # of wins = ZER0
      total points for = 49
      total points against = 165

      Score average = SCC/FCIAC 42 CCC 12

      Conclusion = pathetic CCC playoff teams

      The CCC scheduling needs to change … please get more competitive. State-wide fans are laughing at your league.

  16. Based Task Force says

    Fairfield Prep over West Haven
    Southington over Ridgefield
    Middletown over Darien
    New Canaan over North Haven
    St. Joe’s over Brookfield
    Valley Regional over Barlow
    Ansonia over Rocky Hill
    Bloomfield over Woodland

  17. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! says

    I seen enough!!! I have been a supporter of the Hartford schools for decades and can’t take it anymore. I watched capital prep who is extremely talented loose again in the playoffs. I watched Hartford high, weaver and bulkey not even make it. It comes a time when enough is enough! I new Cannan, Xavier, Middletown, and ansonia play. And for the record the kids are human like the Hartford kids. They’re just as talented as other places. I remembering hearing 5 kids ran a 4.6 or lower at capital prep. 4 of them r under class men not including mr. Jones. With all that talent they loose again in the first round. Disgusting!!! It’s time for new coaches to take over these jobs!!! I’m asking if there r any coaches in the new haven and Fairfield area who know what they’re doing to come up north and save our kids. Enough is enough!! Colleges rarely come by and we r loosing some of these athletes to the streets due to the coach not knowing how to coach and help kids. It comes a time when the kids must come first and not a paycheck. Up north we have kids who can play the next level but won’t get a shot thanks to people who don’t know what they’re doing!! I’m asking for help because right know ct is looked at as a joke with football mainly with the 50 pt rule but also it’s coaching. Enough is enough and Hartford needs real coaching help!!

  18. ccc has great teams says

    Football is a game of match ups. Ghs will play any team in the stàte.
    Prep won. But you can’t spot a team 13 pts and expect to win. Even after that.
    Without the suspect personal foul on Ghs rb on the 20 going in for 6 this would have been a different game. Not mention two fumbles prep lost but were reversed.

    Smith was a good player.

  19. JB says

    ccc – great, like the attitude, but start to get on your league commissioner to join the cross-over games and schedule tougher games within your own conference. A strong program like GHS would be welcomed into the Challenge week when the SCC and FCIAC mix it up.

  20. fair-minded CT football fan says

    I’m a “casual observer” from the south/central part of the state. I’ve ventured to all parts of the state to watch high school football games and I must say that most of you who leave your comments here are not very informed. You appear to claim that only the southern teams have any valid claim to making the playoffs. I have done a bit of research on the topic, and I must say that your arguments that northern teams cannot compete with teams from the south is baseless. And my comments are based solely on the larger high schools in the state. Perhaps that’s your opinion, but that’s all it is — your opinion. You can find what I’m about to list if you do your research on the CIAC website. It’s all there for your eyes. Among the top large high schools with state titles in football are the following: Greenwich and Cheshire, 7 each (four of Cheshire’s titles came in Class L and the only two times that Cheshire lost in state title games was to a northern team — Glastonbury); next on the list with 4 state titles are West Haven, Xavier and Shelton; in the next group, with 3 titles, are Glastonbury, Staples, Trumbull, Fairfield Prep and Notre Dame, West Haven; Newington and Ridgefield each have 2 titles; and Southington and McMahon each have 1. I’m not saying that the southern teams have not dominated. But to call northern teams a farce is somewhat hypocritical. If the southern teams think they are so superior of the north, why not approach them to schedule a crossover series, just like the FCIAC and the SCC did. I noticied that most FCIAC teams only played 10 games this year. That would have been a perfect opportunity to play against teams they know nothing about. I believe that next season also will have 11 weeks to the schedule. I’m sure some of the northern “farce” teams would love a crossover matchup.

    I find it surprising that Southington has only 1 state title to its credit. That’s what is on the CIAC website, so it must be correct.

    By the way, I read, I believe in this very paper, that only northern team Glastonbury has made the Class LL playoffs for the past six seasons and that they have either won the state title or lost to the state champions during each of those seasons. Is that true? If they are so bad, why have they made the playoffs so frequently and why is it only the state champion who can beat them? If this is all true then I would think that Fairfield Prep is sitting pretty right about now.

    • UBilly says

      Fair Minded, It looks like your comments bolster the thought process that the New Haven County and Fairfield County teams dominate the Large Class category! Of the teams you list, only Glastonbury with 3 Newington with 2, and Southington with 1 have won titles.

      Why do they make the field?? That has been the complaint from most of those “opinions” you mention, that the CCC does not schedule their top teams to play enough games against the other top teams. Instead they spread out their best so they only are tested 2-3 games each season. This allows the CCC teams to have gaudy win/loss records, but no real battle testing week in and week out. This is what results in the CCC taking a beating as top 4 seeds hosting games!

      That GHS only has lost to the champion does not mean that is the only team that would have beaten them. It only means that the matchup was GHS against X or Cheshire that year and that they lost that matchup to a “southern” school.

  21. JB says

    fair-minded … sorry, I was talking pure 2013. The difference in scheduling within the SCC and FCIAC really increased the level of competition during 2013. The Challenge games and in-conference crossover games in the SCC and FCIAC were outstanding. Each conference found its best teams, pitted them against each other, and delivered them to the playoffs to trounce the competition. All I am saying is for the playoffs to really improve in future years, leagues like the CCC and ECC need to do the same thing as the SCC and FCIAC has done in 2013. That is my opinion and my only point. The Northern teams have great kids and solid football programs, but its leagues have become a bit too cozy and need to follow the lead of the SCC and FCIAC. I really don’t want to pick on any one team, because that is not really the point and would be unfair to do so given it isn’t their fault.

    By the way, the FCIAC teams played 11 games this year. Some had 9 in-conference and some had 10. The SCC/FCIAC Challenge game was week 1 that everyone played (except Westhill?). Those teams that had an open date durign the rest of the season agreed to schedule an additional SCC/FCIAC crossover game. That is why Darien and North Haven played each other late in the season in their open dates. Truly oustanding. Both battle-tested and proved they were totally worthy of their playoff spots.

    I think the northern teams would really enjoy the extra competition … it is exciting for both the fans and the players.

    • fair-minded CT football fan says

      You’re right — I did leave out Middletown. Sorry. How about if the southern teams reach out to those northern teams and set up a crossover battle. Are there enough weeks in the season to do so? I think it would make for great football, and, as many of you have said, it would bolster football throughout the state. Let’s have some of those northern schools come on down and play some real football. It’s a win/win.

  22. JB says

    I don’t know the genesis of how the SCC and FCIAC got together to make the Challenge games a reality. That would be the blueprint of how to include the CCC and ECC in the process.

    Sean or Mike, do you know how that all happened?

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      From what I know the ECC and CCC tried to make it happen. But their leagues are so different. The CCC has much bigger schools and a lot more of them, while the ECC is mostly smaller schools, it fell through. NFA v. Glastonbury and a few others were the remnants of the attempt.

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