CHSCA’s ‘Super 100’ Connecticut senior All-Star football team draft results


Representatives from the the Connecticut High School Coaches Association gathered at Rentschler Field tonight to kick off events leading up to its ‘Super 100’ senior all-star football game in June.

Last week, the coaches held a combine to determine the best 100 seniors available to play in the game.

Tonight, the coaches of the two teams — Sheehan coach John Ferazzi will coach team Nutmeg and Xavier’s Sean Marinan will coach team Constitution — began to fill their rosters by drafting the Top 50. The draft order was determined by a coin flip and the teams alternated picks. The loser of the coin flip drafted twice at the end.

The remaining 50 players be drafted afterward to fill out the rosters.

The teams will begin practicing in June for game June 28, 4:30 p.m. at Rentschler Field.

Draft Result: Team picks

Team Nutmeg: (Coach John Ferazzi, Sheehan)

  • Ervin Philips, RB, West Haven
  • Norvel Stewart, QB/DB Bloomfield
  • Nick Roberts, QB, Trumbull
  • Tony Fox, Fairfield Prep
  • Keith Benjamin, DL, Windsor
  • Ryne Greisenhauer, WR, Naugatuck
  • Levi Fancher, LB, Woodland
  • Chris Young, LB, Rocky Hill
  • Logan Marchi, QB, St. Paul
  • Alik Bures, OL, Woodland
  • Ethan Suraci, North Haven
  • Geoff Skowronek, OL, Wethersfield
  • Tynique Woods-Culver, WR, Windsor
  • Sal Esposito, LB, NDWH
  • Brandon Gauthier, WR, Sheehan
  • Jimmy Murphy, LB, Avon
  • Erlin Colon, OL, Platt
  • Nick Boddie, LB, New Britain
  • Otilio Berrios, Hartford Public
  • Duane Gary, QB, West Haven
  • Mike Schuchmann, DL, St. Joseph
  • Octavio Thomas, WR, Hall
  • Jason Nelson, S, Platt
  • Darren Jackson, CB, St. Joseph
  • Jose Garcia, WR, New London

Team Constitution (Coach: Sean Marinan, Xavier)

  • Tuzar Skipper, DL, NFA
  • Harold Cooper, RB, Hillhouse
  • Antone Mack, Ansonia
  • Stephen Barmore, QB, Southington
  • Khary Childs, Ledyard
  • Kryan McKinney-Crudden, Glastonbury
  • Cole Harris, New Canaan
  • Ahmed Hourani, OL, Warde
  • Nick Cascione, QB, New Canaan
  • Andrew Meoli, RB, Xavier
  • Zach Maxwell, LB, Southington
  • Jalen Ollie, QB, Glastonbury
  • Kenny Jones, WR, Farmington
  • T.J. Hayduk, WR, Trumbull
  • Myles Goulburne, WR, Crosby
  • Will Garrity, LB, Xavier
  • Corey Barrett, LB, Norwalk
  • Diante Louis Jolley, S, New Britain
  • Godfrey Harris, CB, Hillhouse
  • Mike DiCosimo, CB, New Canaan
  • Anthony Carpenter, WR, Farmington
  • Joe Farrah, OL, Hall
  • Josh Rivera, OL, New Britain
  • Thomas LaRosa, OL, Norwalk
  • Nate Gonzalez, DB, Xavier
  • Tarrol Stafford, DL, Hillhouse

Draft Results: Pick-by-Pick

Team Ferazzi (Nutmeg) won the toss and picked first, taking West Haven RB and Syracuse recruit Ervin Philips.

  1. Ferazzi: Ervin Philips, RB, West Haven
  2. Marinan: Tuzar Skipper, NFA
  3. Ferazzi: Norvel Stewart, QB/DB Bloomfield
  4. Marinan: Harold Cooper, RB, Hillhouse
  5. Ferazzi: Nick Roberts, QB, Trumbull
  6. Marinan: Antone Mack, Ansonia
  7. Ferazzi: Tony Fox, Fairfield Prep
  8. Marinan: Stephen Barmore, QB, Southington
  9. Ferazzi: Keith Benjamin, DL, Windsor
  10. Marinan: Khary Childs, Ledyard
  11. Ferazzi: Ryne Greisenhauer, WR, Naugatuck
  12. 6th Marinan: Kryan McKinney-Crudden, Glastonbury
  13. Ferazzi: Levi Fancher, LB, Woodland
  14. Marinan: Cole Harris, New Canaan
  15. Ferazzi: Chris Young, LB, Rocky Hill
  16. Marinan: Ahmed Hourani, OL, Warde
  17. Ferazzi: Logan Marchi, QB, St. Paul
  18. Marinan: Nick Cascione, QB, New Canaan
  19. Ferazzi: Alik Bures, OL, Woodland
  20. Marinan: Andrew Meoli, RB, Xavier
  21. Ferazzi: Ethan Suraci, North Haven
  22. Marinan: Zach Maxwell, LB, Southington
  23. Ferazzi: Geoff Skowronek, OL, Wethersfield
  24. Marinan: Jalen Ollie, QB, Glastonbury
  25. Ferazzi: Tynique Woods-Culver, WR, Windsor
  26. Marinan: Kenny Jones, WR, Farmington
  27. Ferazzi: Sal Esposito, LB, NDWH
  28. Marinan: T.J. Hayduk, WR, Trumbull
  29. Ferazzi: Brandon Gauthier, WR, Sheehan
  30. Marinan: Myles Goulburne, WR, Crosby
  31. Ferazzi: Jimmy Murphy, LB, Avon
  32. Marinan: Will Garrity, LB, Xavier
  33. Ferazzi: Erlin Colon, OL, Platt
  34. Marinan: Corey Barrett, Norwalk
  35. Ferazzi: Nick Boddie, LB, New Britain
  36. Marinan: Diante Louis Jolley, S, New Britain
  37. Ferazzi: Otilio Berrios, Hartford Public
  38. Marinan: Godfrey Harris, CB, Hillhouse
  39. Ferazzi: Duane Gary, QB, West Haven
  40. Marinan: Mike DiCosimo, CB, New Canaan
  41. Ferazzi: Mike Schuchmann, DL, St. Joseph
  42. Marinan: Anthony Carpenter, WR, Farmington
  43. Ferazzi: Octavio Thomas, WR, Hall
  44. Marinan: Joe Farrah, OL, Hall
  45. Ferazzi: Jason Nelson, S, Platt
  46. Marinan: Josh Rivera, OL, New Britain
  47. Ferazzi: Darren Jackson, CB, St. Joseph
  48. Marinan: Thomas LaRosa, OL, Norwalk
  49. Marinan: Nate Gonzalez, DB, Xavier
  50. Ferazzi: Jose Garcia, WR, New London
  51. Marinan: Tarrol Stafford, DL, Hillhouse


  1. Marcus Da Truth says

    Wow! There’s a lot of kids that haven’t been drafted yet. Still a lot of D1 talent out there in the draft. The next 50 should be interesting!!

  2. says

    Sean it would be nice to see the RAW info that was gather at the combine like 40 yard dash 20 20 bench press etc… Because thats what a COMBINE is right.Each boy who attend should know so if u did not get pick they would know why

  3. fciacfan says

    Also no one from Greenwich, Darien, Staples, McMahon….all had pretty good years with some very good senior athletes…..

  4. Boss man says

    It wasn’t a combine it was more like a hands on Pro day. And not many kids from around Fairfield county was present at the workout.

    • says

      Again don’t call or invite players to a combine.Boss man as u know a combine is raw data gather to evaluate NOT HANDS ON PRO DAY or as the others who I sat with called it a street fight 4 OL DL

      • They called it a combine says

        I agree with Kahona, Linemen battling all day without pads is pretty brutal.
        Looked more like a toughman competition. No concussions though so it was ok. Oh wait, wrong discussion, silly me!

      • JR says

        I agree, this was not a combine as described. It was extremely physical with the OLine / DLine drills. But then again it is football and no one got hurt…… Did the kids have to sign a wavier?

  5. ciacfollower says

    With such a concentrated gathering of the hardest hitters in the state, why isnt the ‘Parents Concussion Coalition’ getting their panties all bunched up over such an unnecessary game? Maybe because the vast majority of this elite crew are not offspring of PCC helicopter parents?

  6. JR says

    I am floored that none of the kids from MHS were drafted in the top 50 based on there performance, absolutely floored. The Bednarz boys and Johnson excelled in every drill.

    • MR X says

      Simple. The MHS kids aren’t Dario and the rest of them aren’t that good!! I seen them plenty of time. Good kids though

        • MR X says

          Not that well they didn’t get picked!! Clearly they r good human beings but not football players. Next yr MHS u will get 1 kid. The whole team Dario!!

  7. Clark Griswold says

    A lot of really good kids, don’t want to play, they don’t want to risk injury for their college careers. So your not getting the best kids.

    • JR says

      My bad little Pat, and yes they did.
      It’s sad that there are politics involved. I do believe there were a few kids on this list that stopped after the first 20 minutes but yet they are on the list.
      How were they judged ?

      • Pat McGroin says

        And your credentials for judging talent? If you could list those. See, I believe they put high school coaches in charge of the drafting process – so I think until I know who you are and your scouting talent, I’ll take the HS coaches opinions of players.

    • JR says

      My bad little Pat I is not smart, spellcheck not work right on my cellular device…… Your a DF… Figure it out!

    • Reality says

      The all state team is a joke and is based on coaches calling in favors from other coaches in their league. This all star team is picked on who will help their team, so the coaches are not going to pick players just because a coach ask them to vote for a certain player.

      I think this really shows the strength of certain teams

      • JR says

        I agree with you to a certain extent, I do think a few of these kids were selected top 50 based on the school they are from and the assistant coaches on each team. For instance the QB from Southington is a flat out stud but he was selected 8th. Allot of the draft had to do with the system of the HC. Look at the WR’s that SM selected.

        • Michael says

          I do have to say that the high school coaches had to pick their athletes to participate in the combine. My son was not an all league player or an all state player and he was picked 3rd / 5th over all by Windsor’s Coach Fleeting. In fact his hs coaches were on the other side but my son (offensive guard) was the offensive MVP for team Marines. I really think that they were very fair.

  8. JR says

    Really, Do you really want to go there?
    I played D1 football in Florida at a high level. I was at the combine and i know what I saw. By you saying that MHS sucks shows that you don’t know football and that you are an idiot. I think Middletown ended up 7th in the state this year, not bad. I believe there D let up the least amount of points in the state. I also believe that they lead the state in rushing, but in your opinion they suck. Who is the DF here? Sorry little Pat but you don’t know Football :)

    • Pat McGroin says

      Oh I am going there, and will continue to go there. What D1 school? See I was at the combine, and well, I also played college football, not at the D1 level, but I think I know talent when I see it.

      So still going there, but nonetheless just challenging you and your lack of an eye for talent. I thought that the drafted kids not only represented the best at the combine but also on film.

      Did you know that COACHES watch film? Or did they not teach you that at the D1 schools in Florida?

      Middletown finished 7th but they played a cupcake schedule all year long, lets be serious, there were 7 SCC and FCIAC schools that would have given them a competitive game if not had beaten them.

      And the consenus around the state is that the Gatorade player of the year… the player than won it, from Middletown… I mean come on, there are 8 other players that deserved it before him…. It’s like giving the Heisman to a Mountain West athlete.

      I never said MHS sucks, someone else did, I am saying that they don’t play a tough schedule, and THEY backed out from playing Xavier because they were tired of getting their butts kicked every single year…. But then again, by not playing it helped them get their much (cough cough) deserved 7th rating. Xavier would have beaten them again this year.

      Seriously who is this guy? Go home.

      Now, get all mad, FREAK OUT, and reply with more… well reply with my information. Playing at a anonymous D1 school in Florida doesn’t make you an eye for talent, hell, Aaron played at a D1 school in Florida, are you two buds?

      • JR says

        So now you are a racist? Bring AH into it? Could have said Stewart but had to say AH…..Trust, I played at a high level and I am somewhat Susccesful in what I do. No need to go back and fourth with you as I am secure with who I am. Now you pick on Highsmith? MHS played a cream puff schedule, grow up. No need to discredit MHS to make yourself feel better. The record speaks for itself, lost two games all year (including playoffs) by a total of 8 points. Yea, okay MHS was scared of Xavier this year. Do you not recall the days of when MHS would beat up Xavier? I don’t get mad just feel sorry for adults like you that get some sort of pleasure of putting kids and teams down. Just checked the updated list, a few MHS kids on there. The point of your comment was what again?

        • Pat McGroin says

          I must be a racist for using Aaron Hernandez you’re right. Clearly a racist. At least you aren’t letting emotions get the best of you. The point of the comment was to combat your knowledge, which you lack and hold a strong bias toward Middletown, so I’m good here.

          In order for that to be a “rivalry” Middletown had to win a few right? No on argued that it wasn’t a rivalry. But who ended it the agreement to play? Who wanted out for years and finally got it?

          And you are preaching to the choir, by saying kids don’t deserve awards means I am picking on people. By saying teams played a an easy schedule… I mean I get the psychology behind what you’re doing, well done.

          • JR says

            So now MHS wanted out and no part of X? You are really clueless…. Just so you know the Gatorade player of the year is also based on Academics. As far as 7 kids being more deserving, once again you are clueless. I would say Newsome but not sure his grades were on the same level at Highsmith. You know what you meant by saying Hernandez…..
            You clearly don’t know talent and you are on this to spite negativity.
            No basis towards Middletown just calling it what it is.

      • Consigliere says

        2 things: All State Selection did not guarantee any roster spots or an invite to “combine” as ONLY SENIORS were invited.

        JR and Pat M…get a room.

        • JR says

          I don’t get down like that , makes no sense that an All State kid gets an invite to the combine.
          There were 145 kids there…. What seniors weren’t invited?????

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