Championship Bling (a series): St. Joseph’s Class M football banner

Advancements in state championship banners haven’t progressed much since their inception back in, oh, the Gilded Age — which is to say, perhaps they’re now made of finer stitch and fancier materials.

But that hardly minimizes the impact of getting one of these babies hoisted up on your gymnasium walls.

Everyone gather ’round. It’s time to kick off our inaugural edition of ‘Championship Bling.’

Here’s St. Joseph High School’s Class M football banner, unveiled Monday by coach Joe Della Vecchia on Twitter.

Consider this a call to all champions, big, extra big, medium and small. Show us your title spoils. Rings, banners, certificates… whatever commemorates your school’s tremendous accomplishment.

In short, take another victory lap. We’d love to see ’em.


  1. Mj says

    what a joke that banner is should have a HUGE ******** next to it. move up in leagues…………………… i never seen Xavier have pictures of thier banners after winning three years in a row in LL or the same for Hand..

      • JB says

        Hang those banners high to the gym rafters! … whatever division you are in, they are special. Some Day, Joes is going to hang an FCIAC banner as well. They play up with the big boys and do well enough. Next round of the Challenge games they should match Joes and Xavier … would be an outstanding game. Joes can bring it at all levels.

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