Capital Prep wins seventh-straight CSC girls basketball title

Capital Prep celebrates its seventh-straight CSC title on Thursday (via @CEOBIGMIKE on Twitter)

Capital Prep celebrates its seventh-straight CSC title on Thursday (via @CEOBIGMIKE on Twitter)

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the No. 1-ranked team girls basketball team has won another league championship.

Capital Prep, which has grounded the Constitution State Conference to a pulp this season while taking sporadic time off to test its mettle against schools around the Northeast, buried Prince Tech 95-55 in the CSC Tournament final Thursday night at Classical Magnet.

Three players scored 20 points in the rout, led by Desiree Elmore’s 28 points. Kiah Gillespie added 27 and Taylor Williams 20 in the overwhelming victory, Capital Prep’s seventh consecutive league title.

“We definitely do enjoy it because any win is a victory but I think we’re definitely more focused on states now,” Williams told the Hartford Courant. “The main key for us is perfection.”

Capital Prep’s been exactly that as it rolls into the Class L tournament, which begins Tuesday. The Trailblazers are 23-0, having won their games by an average score of 73-32.

They won their three CSC tournament games by an average score of 83-35.

Their average winning score against state competition has been 75-29 and their closest game was a 71-70 win over Bergtraum (N.Y.) at the Gauchos Gym in Brooklyn.

Essence McDonald scored 20 points for Prince Tech, which is theĀ No. 3 seed in the Class M tournament.





  1. Marcus Da Truth says

    Just seen capital prep beat south Windsor 77-34 in a full scrimmage. They beat the breaks off them. TRUTH!!!

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      Dwayne that B.S u just said is sad!!! I was there as well!! Clearly your blind. Capital was wearing orange and had the taller girls. So I figured your just writing something to hate on them. The score was 38-24 halftime and CPrep went on a 30-3 run in the 3rd. The sad thing is u really wrote that they lost. Your just writing to write. Check the cameras in the gym. Men lie, women lie but replay don’t! TRUTH!!

  2. Dwayne says

    I just watch the video again and yes south windsor won pretty easy. Honestly you must have never played basketball too think a scrimmage says anything but it was a scrimmage

    • bballfan says

      I didn’t even hear about a scrimmage between these two teams . Makes sense for both teams only helps them get ready for states. But I know people on both teams. I’ll find out the truth about it and repost.

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      Dwayne your right!! South Windsor Sucks!!! They got the breaks beat off of them. I agree they should fold their program after that lost. By the way u shouldn’t sniff nail polish it makes you see things!! Lol. Stay off a drugs man. Truth!

      • bballfan says

        Ok after found out Da truth is telling the truth. Score was descent at first half but second half so Windsor got blasted out the gym. 77-34.

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      Who u kiddin. Your Dwayne under another name! Really Allen?? Come on Man! The ref is your dad??? Yea right that’s sad! Just stay as your real name. It’s ok to hate just acknowledge it. TRUTH!!!

  3. InTheKnow says

    My grandmothers second cousin twice removed has a brother whose next door neighbor’s sister friend knew someone’s uncle whose friend was there and they said it was a tie! That’s a better source then the truth or Dwane! Whose with me?

    • Irish says

      I’m convinced “DaTruth” is a fictitous character Henry made up to a humor to the website! It’s working!

      • Marcus Da Truth says

        Don’t know who Henry is but I try to keep it real. I had similar issues with Middletown football in the fall this past yr. Just be honest cut the hating out is what I say. TRUTH!

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