Boys basketball: Fairfield Prep vs. Hillhouse, a look back

Joseph Kasperzyk  of Hillhouse drives to the basket against Patrick Harding, left, and Richard Kelly of Fairfield Prep during the last game between the two rivals on Jan. 30. (Peter Hvizdak - New Haven Register)

Joseph Kasperzyk of Hillhouse drives to the basket against Patrick Harding, left, and Richard Kelly of Fairfield Prep during the last game between the two rivals on Jan. 30.
(Peter Hvizdak – New Haven Register)

Tonight will be the 11th meeting between Fairfield Prep and Hillhouse over the past three seasons. This will be the fourth straight year the teams have met in the Class LL state tournament.

Tonight’s game will be in the Class LL semifinals at Shelton High. Top seed Fairfield Prep (23-2) is ranked sixth in the latest GameTimeCT/Register Top 10 poll and is looking for its seventh straight win over No. 5 seed Hillhouse (21-4), currently ranked eighth.

Let’s take a look back:

In 2012-13, Hillhouse won three out of four, including both the SCC and Class LL state championships.

Jan. 4, 2014, at Fairfield University:

No. 1 Fairfield Prep 72, No. 2 Hillhouse 62

The teams were ranked 1-2 in the preseason GameTimeCT/NH Register Top 10 poll. Ryan Murphy had 19 points.

Jan. 31, 2014, at the Floyd Little Athletic Center:

No. 1 Fairfield Prep 70, No. 6 Hillhouse 58

Prep center Paschal Chukwu had 24 points, nine rebounds and nine blocks and freshman Pat Harding added 15 points for the Jesuits.

March 5, 2014, at TD Bank Sports Center, Quinnipiac

No. 1 Fairfield Prep 56, No. 5 Hillhouse 52

Hillhouse made a spirited comeback in the game’s final minutes, but Prep hung on for its first SCC championship.

March 17, 2014, at Fairfield University

Fairfield Prep 71, Hillhouse 47

A sellout crowd of 2,500 at Alumni Hall witnessed Prep dismantling Hillhouse in the Class LL state quarterfinals. Keith Pettway had 26 points and Paschal Chukwu had 15 points and 20 rebounds for the Jesuits while Raiquan Clark led the Academics with 14 points.

Dec. 30, 2014, at Fairfield University

Fairfield Prep 80, Hillhouse 70

Rich Kelly joined the rivalry and scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half in Prep’s 35th straight regular-season victory. Tro Walters had 21 points to lead Hillhouse.

Jan. 30, 2015, at the Floyd Little Athletic Center

Fairfield Prep 62, Hillhouse 52

Ryan Foley scored 20 points to lead Prep, which played without guard Tommy Nolan. It was also the Jesuits’ 43rd straight regular-season victory.  Joey Kasperzyk had 19 points to lead the Academics.



  1. willie says

    ok should be a good game. wish prep and HH best of luck. and hope the rivalry can get some legs with the young players on both teams. prep is home. prep by 10. not close this time. that s the call.

  2. Wilton d says

    What rivalry? It’ been competitive for 2 years, how is that a rivalry?

    HH vs Cross is a rivalry, HH vs Career is a rivalry. Tonight,s game will be closer than u think. HH is great at adjusting, they will play their bigger freshman guards, who will defend .BUt ——– prep will win ,because the REF,s, will not allow HH to win on the road and deny prep a shot at the final. This is not New Haven whining, this is how it works, did u see the scc championship game in the first half? As I Have stated New Haven teams KNOW that they play against the opponent and the ref,s

    That,s right I said it!! Who ever does not like it, TOUGH!!

    Come on with the B.S. Responses.

    • Rex Kingman says

      The top ten boys teams in Connecticut wouldn’t even make the top 50 in Texas. Connecticut used to put out great team year in year out. Those days are long gone. The high school here is a joke.

      • Rex Kingman says

        I saw Hillhouse and Prep play last year and this year. BORING!! A couple of fair players but play a soft game. And what’s with all the whining by the Hillhouse fans? You ain’t some powerhouse team. Your schedule is laughable. Give me a break.

  3. CT hoop watcher says

    In related news, I predict that both Crosby and Ledyard score in the 80s tonight in an absolute shootout. In the end, Ledyard will hold on — too deep for Crosby in my opinion.

  4. realballNYC says

    I see a close game tonight between Prep and HH, I’m going to get screamed at but I think HH can pull it out! – it’s hard to beat a team like HH 4 times in a row, and if you notice HH came even closer last time. Prep guards will have to plat lights out tonight!

  5. PrepFan says

    Notwithstanding the New Haven whining, I think this is a very close game. Prep is the better team, but the Hillhouse guys know they can play with Prep and they probably feel they’re due to break through.

    I think this is a single-digit game and the team that keeps its nerve down the stretch is probably going to be LL champs.

  6. gobballfan says

    Wilton D… blah blah blah. Typical NH fan. If you lose it’s because of the refs. If you win it’s despite the refs. How is it that every game between NH teams doesn’t end in a tie with refs running off the floor laughing? HH gets called for a lot of fouls, because they foul alot. The big guy for FP is in foul trouble a lot, because he feels a lot. It’s not rocket science wilton. When you full court press and go man, you are going to foul more than teams that play zone and shoot 3’s. To be honest, I think NH schools get away with a lot of fouls because refs really don’t feel like blwoing the whistle even more than they already do, just to try to keep a flow of game going. And I never hear teams that lose to NH teams because the refs were bad. It’s always Larry, Kevin and Renard who complain.

  7. New Haven Fan says

    I have to disagree! Coach Sutton does not cry as much as the other coaches do. He gives credit to other programs and never mentions officiating. The games are officiated different when city teams play. The refs just drop the whistle and let the kids play. Suburban teams foul more than the city teams! They never call the hand check or the push off on the slower guards that play in the suburbs. Keven can’t coach and Larry is good but he’s a hot head! Coach Sutton is pretty solid but I love his assistant Coach. I think he should be up for a job soon!

  8. JwrizzytalksUlisten says

    i tried to stay out Joe!!!! gobballfan, i defy you to find any paper, post, blog, or twitter where Larry complained about officiating even when it was evident we got jobbed. We win when we play well and we lose when we dont, one team throttled us this year and they are in the top ten. We have no complaints, fouls are called whether you play man or zone , they just are more likely to occur in the press or man game. Good luck to all teams tonight!!

  9. Diamond 10 says

    agreed how can this be a rivalry when its only 2 years. no one will expect a thing from PF next year. there are MANY TEAMS in the state with equal or better guards… they will be exposed………… as a fellow SCC i do want HH to win. not many in our league like Prep. the saying goes act like you have been there before.

    • Danny says

      The reason everybody hates prep basketball is because they are rich white kids that are disciplined enough to take down teams with better athletes.

      • Prep Parent says

        My kids go to Prep and I am NOT rich. Quit stereotyping. Shoud I assume all kids from HH are …….? No. And you shouldn’t assume anything about Prep kids.

    • willie says

      Great to see the posts from a year ago! Gametime ct should do more of this.
      Diamond 10 Says-prescient comment from a year ago. Hey, dont give up your day job.

  10. gobballfan says

    Danny… why stick “white kids” in there? They have 2 non-whites in the starting line up. Unnecessary.
    Jwrizzy… Larry does his complaining on the court, constantly never happy. Has to lead SCC in T’s.

  11. Wilton d says

    What a biased statement , 2 of my family members go to prep they r neither rich or white. Please this is not that serious.many of these kids play on the same aau teams, so they r friends.prep does have the best team this year.good luck to both teams.

    My picks tonight, HH,Ridgefield,Crosby and Central, anyone else have any conviction in their picks before the games and not after seeing the results?

    Still hope the ref,s call it fair

    • Willie says

      Yea, I picked prep to win easily by 10. Didn’t realize it would be more like 25. But there you go. Interesting that prep is having a far easier time in the state than scc playoffs. Prep will beat Greenwich easily. Better talent, more tough playoff experience and hitting the cylinders at the right time. I say prep by 15. Of course 2 years does not make a rivalry. But I do think prep and HH, a great and obviously far better bball program than prep of course, will play close next year and we may start to see a real interesting rivalry take form. Would be fun if they played 4 times again.

  12. Wilton d says

    I normally do not respond to silliness ,central is in no way better than whatever silly points u stated than HH or prep. U must not have watched any games this year. Prep is very good and HH is HH!!!

  13. Alison says

    I believe everyone should remember that good sportmanship should come from both sides of the court and may the best team win!
    My calls: FP, Bridgeport Central

  14. Scout says

    WELL WELL WELL…Two FCIAC teams in final 4 LOL, Prep and Greenwich match up well! Nobody on Prep will be able to stop C.J Byrd.. I Watched the Central game tonight and who said Tyler Ancrum can’t score from the perimeter? (PISSED HIM OFF I THINK) That team is hungry, Prep maybe able to beat them but not HH. Looks like pressure got to Crosby again!! Should be a good Final 4

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