Behold: The 2014 Connecticut High School Football schedules

Photo by Peter Hvizdak - Register

Photo by Peter Hvizdak – Register

The schedules for the 2014 Connecticut high school football season have been released by CIAC. Schedules are subject to change throughout the summer until deadline in early September. Update: This story has been reposted August 12 to coincide with the start of fall practices.


Here are individual links to each team’s schedule sorted by league.


CCC Master Schedule


CSC Master Schedule

Note: Whitney Tech schedule is listed only for JV.


ECC Master Schedule


FCIAC Master Schedule


NVL Master Schedule



SCC Master Schedule


SWC Master Schedule


    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Thanks for the heads-up. CIAC left a few schools out. I’m going through and finding the links now.

      You missed your calling as a news copy editor.

    • JB says

      Would like to see Hall and NFA turn that scrimmage on the 19th into a real game … why not? Those two team’s need more regular-season competition to be legitimate LL contenders. NFA has a really weak schedule otherwise, Hall not much better.

      • JB says

        Wrong date – Hall v NFA scrimmage is the 6th … turn that into a real game to open the season for each.

  1. KPatakyPhoto says

    I wonder how Cromwell is supposed to play both Morgan and Nonnewaug at the same time on 9/20?

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Relax, these won’t be officially official until September and teams are still wrangling over dates/times. It’s probably just an error.

    • youngman says

      Speaking of Halloween, please note that Morgan travels to Valley Regional that Friday. It’ll be
      interesting to see how that plays out, right Sean. It should be one of the games of the week!

      • youngman says

        Hand/Xavier, Morgan/Valley. I’m sure there are, or will be, other intriguing match ups that Halloween night! Does any one know if there’ll be a full moon?!!

  2. scc fan says

    Hand at Prep, 10/17 will be the two top teams in the state battling it out. Both bring back a lot of experienced players and will win one of the 15 state championships this season. Mark it on the calendar.

    • JB says

      Not sold on Hand. They played really soft against NC last year. Made improvements during the year, but they don’t have the typical mean-ass shutdown defense like the program’s storied past. They will struggle with Prep, Xavier and Shelton. But great coaching … so maybe.

      • Greg P says

        Ya, no. Hand had a down year last year and still managed to beat prep and shelton. They lost to xavier but as far as I know xavier lost their whole team. Last year they were simply a young un expierenced team especially week one against new canaan

        • DB says

          Hand will have one of the best teams they’ve ever had, Th QB Nick Van Dell will break every QB record at Hand. He going to be a JR so think about how well ha played last year. REMEMBER, he didn’t play the opening game against NC last year. When Hand and NC meet on Sept 12 everyone will know how good they will be next year. I believe they will go undefeated. D

    • CT Fan says

      NC and Darien both lost starting quarterbacks and more. Sorry but both these teams don’t even compare to Hand vs Xavier two years ago, now that was a game of the century.

      • ciacfollower says

        My point is both these schools reload like Hand does. After last year’s Turkey upset, its the hottest rivalry in the state right now. With exception of Greenwich maybe, NC & Wave could each very well be undef. in late Nov. There’s alot of talent returning with all these schools, remember a certain sophomore DL that made allstate last year…

        • JB says

          NC loses way too much – the heart of that shutdown defense graduated. Same for OL. And a new QB. NC has great kids and coaching, so Rams will win games but not anywhere near last year’s dominance. Team to beat in the FCIAC is Greenwich – ton of returners who showed really strong progress by year-end 2013 plus they have the State’s best RB in 2014 – Austin Longi.

          Darien better than NC – why? Shutdown defense returns and other kids will step up on offense. Like their chances to beat NC and take-on Greenwich.

          • scc fan says

            You can catch a glimpse of Darien, Greenwich, Prep, WH, Ansonia and Hand scrimmaging each other in the Yale bowl on June 26 at the Yale camp. just a scrimmage but a scrimmage with the top teams in the state.

  3. JB says

    Agreed – battle for top of the SCC and likely state rankings. Here is my pre-season top 10 (way too early, I know, but fun to speculate):

    1. Prep
    2. Hand
    3. Greenwich
    4. Shelton
    5. Darien
    6. Glastonbury
    7. Xavier
    8. North Haven
    9. NDWH
    10. Southington

    • bubba says

      Where do you get Prep. They never been good. Hand is proven and Don’t believe they have ever lost to them.

      • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

        On paper, Prep’s the team to beat. QB’s back, behemoth D1 lineman, etc. They’re collecting talent like Xavier. Hand will be right there, also with QB, Walsh, lots of underclassmen last year. TBA on Xavier.

        • Greg P says

          I think hand has more unproven talent than prep. Hand is much smaller in size compared to prep but Hand returns starters in just about every position. I think Hand just has more overall talent.

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            GAH, it bugs the heck out of me that we’re back to yakking about who’s good, better, best in high school football etc, but we have eight champions this year.

            I get excited about football, but it always comes back to “… but we have eight state champions.”

        • JB says

          Agree with Sean. LL will come down to 4 teams – Prep, Greenwich, Shelton and Xavier … all kind of young last year but with the best returners with experience. Defense wins titles and these teams will be the most physical in 2014.

        • captrips says

          Have to love the private schools, “best teams money can buy”! Have to love solid programs that are public schools that win year in and year out with the residents they are dealt. Hand fits that description!

    • Just Saying says

      ehh NDWH is questionable. No QB and lost the best tailback they’ve had in years. unless the underclassmen can step up straight from JV to the big time, they’ll have a hard time playing he best teams in the state week in and week out

    • WHHS says

      I think you’re overlooking West Haven a bit too much
      Lack the factor called ‘experience’ and the big running threats but kept a big one in Little and also have one of (if not the) best receivers in the state in Lyons. Eddie Mac never throws a bad team on the field and regardless of playing the brutal schedule, they will contend. Not to mention, i know it doesn’t mean anything here but they have the best Pop Warner team in the state every year. it has to say something. If they can get a young line to step up, seriously watch out

  4. Cousin Dupree says

    How about the huge Ansonia-Newtown matchup in Week 6? I know for all the SCC-FCIAC supporters this game is just a Pop Warner game, but both teams should be in the Top 5 (3 maybe) at the time and Ansonia should be attempting to tie Cheshire’s 49 game winning streak that night.

    Also, refershing to see that the lack of respect for Ansonia’s program is alive and well this year as JB doesn’t even consider them a Top 10 team. Amusing. Granted, you can’t replace an All-American running back, but Ansonia will be very blanced this year with multiple threats.

    • scc fan says

      I am curious to see how Ansonia is this season without Arkeel. WIll definitely have an extra eye on them at the Yale camp in 2 weeks. Newtown will have trouble this season as they do not have a QB who has thrown more than 1 pass in a varsity game and the team speed will be an issue. However, they should get by in the SWC again.

      I don’t think I would have Ansonia in the top 10 either. They have a lot to prove this season even though they have beat up on all the class S teams in the last 5 years.

      • ter says

        they finished number 1 in the state they won’t open the year unranked, lost a ton but still have talent. more curious about the line than the running back situation. impossible to replace newsome but bagley and bailey are both very capable backs

  5. Brownie says

    In the fciac vs scc challenge you have the three marquee games all being played on the same day with the same starting time . Nc vs hand… staples vs Xavier and Greenwich vs. west haven. The schedule maker did not do us fanatics any favor.

  6. Just Saying says

    The Yale camp is where you would want to be if you consider yourself a cthsfb fan.
    awesome camp and scrimmages between all of the best teams in the state. Last year was West Have, Hand, Prep, and Ansonia. Thats enough to sell most fans right there but the additions make it a preseason State championship

    • scc fan says

      Just Saying, sounds like Greenwich and Darien want to step it up this season and challenge themselves from early on. All will just be coming off spring ball and to get a chance to go against other top elite teams and see where you stand will be a benefit for all these teams.

      • Just Saying says

        I think there will be 3 more teams as well as darien and greenwich. I think one of the CCC teams. Maybe Glastonbury, but i could be making that up

  7. SMH says

    I know football is the most popular sport in the US but I am just blown away that this article can get 32 comments when there isn’t a game for 3+ months and baseball has their semifinals coming up and kids from CT getting drafted left and right over the past week and there’s not 1 comment?? I wish America’s pastime got more love!!

    • William says

      The scrimmages are only the last day of camp. Thursday of the last week in June. Starts at 9am.

  8. brownie says

    How does Staples year in and year out play the softest schedule in the FCIAC. They have only three competitive games this year against Xavier, New Canaan and Greenwich. If they win one of those games then they will qualify for the states.

  9. William says

    The FCIAC is run by the Mafia, and they need to make sure their earners make it to the Dinner table. Cabish!

    • Excuses says

      oh boy! excuses already from the Ansonia crowd. We got spanked because we only brought underclassmen at $200 a player. that makes sense.

  10. go rams says

    Hey Brownie, Staples FCIAC champs 3 out of las 5 years…..Played Xavier when no one in the league woul including NC….keep working hard….you will be a girl scout soon

  11. brownie says

    Dear Go Rams go,

    I’m not knocking Staples but I can’t understand how they always play the easiest schedule making it almost impossible from qualifying for the states and the FCIAC title. They have a guardian angel in the FCIAC hierarchy.

  12. JB says

    brownie – say what? Lou has the FCIAC guardian angle … you must not know the FCIAC very well !

    Not only did Staples save the Challenge games when NC declined to play Xavier, but then travelled to Palmer Field on a Thursday night to kick-off the week. And that was with a young Staples team who had just graduated 18 starters from the previous year – 8 All-Staters – and still gave the X-men all they could handle. The reason why Staples is often in title games is becausee it backs down from no one – competition builds the character necessary to win titles. Xavier travels to Westport this year – bring it on!

    • Scc fan says

      JB, what is it looking like for staples in 2014? Even a down year last season, they almost made it to states. I would argue they belong there more than a few others. Looking forward to the season and especially the scc-fciac challenge.

      • JB says

        Last year was likely over-achievement for Staples at 8-3 having graduated 18 starters, 8 of whom were All-Staters, from the 2012 team. Most pundits (SPB included) pegged Staples with a 6-5 record (at best) in 2013. But the key senior skill players did their thing really well and many juniors stepped-up – that Trumbull OT game was their signature win for the year. However, youth showed a bit on the OL with 36 sacks given up in 2013 versus an unbelievable low of just 6 in 2012 (maybe best OL in Staples history). Young OL should be bigger, smarter and better in 2014 … it is always relative, you have to remember that about high school football – no recruits fill the voids in the public schools – just the weight room and skill development. The senior class is strong and the incoming junior class is big, bad and was very successful at the youth level. Need some young guys to step up especially on defense to fill graduation voids. Last years senior class occupied most of the major skill/leadership positions – QB, RBs, WR, CBs and SS – so new seniors need to fill the leadership spots and they will. Staples coaches are the difference maker … always getting more than they should from what they have. I am looking forward to the season, would expect Staples to be in the hunt again. Never count out Coach P and his staff … right there with the best in the state.

  13. gobballfan says

    I looked over the Ansonia schedule several times. I couldn’t seem to find a tough opponent on it. Perhaps they could play Staples. They would both say they played someone tough and then they could end in a tie and we would just rank them #10 and be done with both of them.

  14. Mongo says

    Now that the silly spring sports are over (jk), can we get some news on the football front for 2014? I will be curious to see if Ansonia can reload, along with NC. Joes has some good skill players but who will take the QB spot? I see Greenwich as the top of FCIAC, Brookfield in SWC as Newton sounds like a down year after hearing about their spring game from a colleague, Prep in SCC and possibly Southington again for CCC as Southington has the most dangerous skill player in the state.

    Yale scrimmage will be a rocking a week from Thursday. I think Greenwich will wow some people there.

      • Mongo says

        SPB, you probably are right, but their starting QB threw 4 INTs and could have been more so there (at least through a parent) is concern about the passing game. Their running game should be good along with defense so it will be interesting to see their O since they have been primarily a passing team for years.

          • Masuk Rules says

            they lost their QB and RB who led the team in everything and totalled over 4,000 yards. those are big holes to fill. they have no proven player at the helm and are very concerned about that to a point that they are scraping the franklin passing O to a power I offense. Last season was the year for Newtown if any year. I like Brookfield and their rising Jr class who actually crushed the Newtown rising Jr class as freshmen by 5 TDs.

            I would say they could be in trouble for the next few years.

        • Robert says

          Mongo, you seem to know a lot about Newtown considering you heard it from a colleague.

          MasukRules, you make a valid point that their offense lost the QB and RB. You should watch the Masuk Newtown game from last year again. It did not matter who was running the ball because the RB was untouched on several long TD runs. Newtown will do just fine. You should worry about Masuk because the people there run the coach out of town after a 7-4 year first year.

          Some of you on this forum look into things way too much. Do you realize in Spring games that the teams are divided up? Do you realize that a lot of young players(freshman that will be sophomores) are forced to start? Do you realize that scrimmages are scrimmages? Scrimmages and Spring games do not count especially when they are over two months from the start of the season. At this point, coaches use the Spring games to evaluate individual players.

    • CT HS Fan says

      Prep is the top of the scc going in as far as returning players along with Hand and North Haven and maybe Shelton. I see darien, greenwich, and new canaan all as equal teams right now. They all have returning weapons but also have lost a lot. To be honest I know absolutely nothing about greenwich except that they will be returning the best running back in the state this year. darien and new canaan both lost their quarterbacks but new canaan however still has their starting running back and top wide receiver but the lack of a quarterback could hurt them a lot. darien also lost their quarterback which will also hurt them as well. as far as im concerned, hand will have the best returning qb in the state along with prep but hand also returns every single offensive and defensive lineman along with their running back and kicker. hand lost its receivers but they have enough talent to choose from so that they will be good in every single position for this upcoming season. north haven is another team with the good young talent to choose from and they will be good as well

      • Mongo says

        CT HS Fan, I do have to agree with you on Hand as I was writing quickly and forgot how good they were last year and what they will bring back. I think it is week 5 or 6 that Hand visits Prep. Could be the game of the year.

        • SCC Runs The State says

          Mongo, If Hand can get by new canaan week 1 and if prep can get by Shelton week 5, then both Hand and Prep will be undefeated going into their week 6 matchup. If this is the case than it WILL be the game of the year without a doubt

  15. JB says

    Don’t see NC being nearly as good as last year – there is no viable replacement for the heart of that shutdown defense – Buck, Root and Harris … all D1-AA scholarship players (Colgate, Lafayette, Fordham). OL similar turnover issues and breaking-in a new QB. Zach Allen will be the key, but will not be enough alone.

    Darien returns a very good defense. Always has skill guys to replace graduating seniors on offense.

    Greenwich is team to beat in the FCIAC. Seasoned QB and OL. Young defense made big improvements over the year. But most of all they have Austin Longi … teams couldn’t stop him as a junior. Could be scary good this year.

    St Joes seems like a down year without that huge OL and Vizzano. Hard to tell for Staples, depends on OL development and senior leadership roles – there is upside potential if rising juniors can play-up early.

    I like Prep, Hand, Shelton and North Haven in that order out of the SCC. Xavier is always tough, but TBD on new offense skill guys.

    The CCC will be the same big 3 – Southington, Glastonbury and Hall. Don’t here as much out of the CCC, so not sure any of these teams re-loads to be like last year’s teams. One of them will certainly make states, regardless.

    Both NFA and Newtown will be way down this year and not likely in the playoff picture despite cake-walk schedules.

  16. mike c says

    In the SCC WH will be better than shelton and north haven they had a young d and o line last year and they have some big playmakers coming back and some new additions.Don’t sleep on Westies.Very tough schedule though

  17. SCC Runs The State says

    Mike C, Sorry but I disagree with you regarding West Haven being better than Shelton and North Haven. West Haven is a program that certainly has some young talent ready to step up. But with everything the Westies lost last year… QB, RB, HB and the lack of WR’s is gonna hurt them big time next year. Shelton however returns what I believe is the best QB in the state (Along with Smith from Prep and Van Dell from Hand) but im not sure what else. Im gonna give a slight edge to Shelton over West Haven next year just because having a solid QB can steal you games. As far as North Haven.. they have as much young talent in their program as any top team in the state (maybe the best). I know the Westies return Little next year but if they turn out to not have anything else, it could be a long and rough year in West Haven but they could also prove alot of people wrong. I mean look at Hand last year, nobody thought they would even have a wining season after getting killed by New Canaan and heck they made it to the playoffs. My point is, we will find out during the season how good the Westies are…

    • mike c says

      SCC you need to do a little more research if you think north haven has more talent than wh.have you ever heard of the wh seahawks they are premier pop warnerprogram in new england.West haven has one of the best returning wide receivers in state in Lyons.north haven has never beaten wh in football in the 53 yrs I’ve been alive.they also have influx of 3 straight midget program state and new england state champs entering program.nobody has more athletes and team speed than westies

      • Shoreline Youth Football Conference says

        Most SCC teams play AYF grade based football, West Haven should get with the program.

      • SCC Runs The State says

        Mike C, I’ll admit I was not aware of how good west havens youth program is but you obviously don’t know how good north havens incoming junior class is. They won every single shoreline conference championship for their grade every year up until 8th grade when madison finally beat them ( madison and nh always played in the championship). Not to mention alot of those north haven incoming juniors got alot of playing time last year. I have to give the slight edge to north haven over west haven based on experience

    • scc fan says

      Not sure if I agree on Shelton as they lost their TE, WRs, RB and most of their linemen. I think it is a down year for them though Pic is still a good QB but will not have the weapons of last year. I would put Shelton in the same level as WH in the unknown for now.

      Prep returns all WRs and most of their line so their O will be top in the state with the best dual threat QB around. pick your poison trying to stop the run or now the pass. Line will be huge again and receivers are fast and can run after the coach.

      Hand has everybody back basically along with Prep. Those two will be tops in the state

      • mike c says

        If you think teams in shoreline football league can beat west haven seahawks your delusional.Also didn’t west haven beat hand by double digits last year

        • Shoreline Youth Football Conference says

          I think we should just rank West Haven first right now based on the Seahawks phenomenal success and your opinion. But there must be some reason teams are lining up to join the SYFC. Try being a little more open minded. When last observed, West Haven was busy losing their last game of the season just like almost every other team in the state.

          • WHHS says

            West Haven beat your loved league’s best team by double digits last year, riding a senior class who was #3 in the country when they played midget.

    • WHHS says

      It looks like you need to check your facts here. If you think West Haven lacks wide receivers, you’re in for a big surprise. They have a 3 year starter returning, as well as a sophomore with letters last year. Had two kids ready to step up from the best Pop Warner program in the northeast, and I’m leaving out the best wide receiver in the state. Remember the name Zatrell Lyons.

      As for the pop warner/AYF discussion, stop it. Pop warner is by far the more competitave league, and West Haven owns the league. Out of the 4 divisions, they’ve had 7 state champions in the past 2 years. Multiple New England championships. The west haven seahawks are the most dominant youth team in the state.

      Just because the westies don’t have a syracuse bound player doesn’t mean they are down. Little is the best and quickest back in the league, out gained Longi by far last year as the 3rd biggest running factor on WH. The westies will throw the ball this year, Lyons will be known as the best receiver around. They may have lost an all area QB and you may not think the new one is capable, but when you see his last name you’ll think otherwise.

      Rough senior class for the westies but they will still be alright

      • taggert says

        WHHS, who will be the QB this season? It will be interesting to see a WH team that throws. They will always be good but you cannot base it on PW as state champs as there are only like 10 D1 PW teams in the state. Most are AYF or independent.

        Lyons avg 23.7 yards per reception so it will be interesting to keep an eye out on this kid in 2014. I would say based on last season, Jamele is hands down the best in CT, then the kid from Prep with a close Pederson from Joes.

        • WHHS says

          Dont quote me, but i’ve heard McCarthy’s got a young son who is ready to take over.
          As for Dellasanti, Jamele, and Pederson from Prep, Southington, and St. Joes, they are great football players and possession receivers. But Lyons is a show that you really can’t miss. He is the type of kid you have to see play live. The kid catches everything near him.

  18. State Champ says

    Why is nobody talking about Southington? They lose only one receiver and return the best receiver in the state. They return almost their entire defense. Their offensive line will be much much bigger than last year and they have been winning off season passing league tournaments left and right. Do not overlook them next season, a repeat is in the cards.

    • Vern says

      Southington will have an easy time in the CCC. Unfortunately, I don’t think replacing the 3 year starting QB, RB, 4 O-lineman, and two rec’s (one is moving to QB) is easy. Also the defense is losing the best in Maxwell and Barmore (inserted after the Hall game). The schedule should get them to the dance – the watered down playoff structure could help, but enough for a repeat – don’t think so.

      • State Champ says

        What you are overlooking is Southington’s ability to reload. They do indeed return 3 receivers even though Jasen Rose is moving to QB. The third receiver is Matt Maxwell, Zach Maxwell’s younger brother, who is basically a carbon copy of Jamele (look out for him). They have a very talented runningback who was out all season last year with a torn meniscus who would have split time with Hyde. Rose is more physically gifted at QB than Barmore was and will settle in nicely as he already is very comfortable with the system. And yes Maxwell does leave the defense, but Matt Koczera was out with a knee injury for most of the season last year and at defensive end actually had more tackles than Maxwell in the state championship game. Jamele will probably play safety again so replacing Barmore on defense will be easy. The offensive line will have 2-3 kids over 6′ 3″ 300 lbs. And so, I reiterate, a repeat is in the cards.

        • State Champs 2014 says

          State Champ, your reply is based on your opinion and not from experience last season. You are relying on 2 injured players to step in and fill roles of players have had excelled last season.

          Rose completed 1 of 3 passes but had 45 receptions and 7 TDs in 2013. you are moving a proven player at receiver to an untested position for 2014.

          You could very much be right, but it is hard to put them up in the elite status with this many questions. They had a great season last year and this is not taking anything away from them, just that there is a lot of unknowns for them. Good luck in 2014.

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Don’t forget everybody: Everybody’s prospects at winning a championship have dramatically increased this year:

            There’ll be eight “champions.”

        • Vern says

          State Champ, I guess everyone is overlooking their ability to reload on them taking 14 years between championships. I don’t think players like Barmore and Maxwell come along very often and will not be “easy” to replace them – on either side of the ball. Bottom line the CCC is a cake walk and they should go undefeated in conference. The question is can the playoffs be lined with teams like NFA and Ridgefield for a potential repeat or will they face more traditional power teams – which they don’t have a great track record against.

          • State Champ says

            Vern, Southington in those 14 years made it into the state playoffs on several occasions even with the old playoff format that only allowed for four teams. They were in the hunt almost every year in those 14 years. Unfortunately they don’t have the ability to recruit kids like Prep, Xavier, and NFA so you can’t expect them to produce a state championship team every year. But, Southington is the fourth winningest team in state history, so please don’t question their ability to reload. You also need to take into account that this is a new era in Southington football with Mike Drury as the head coach. He lead them to an undefeated season in his second year and a state championship in his third; he is perhaps the top young coach in the state. Yes I agree that the CCC is not as strong as the conferences in the southern part of the state, but don’t try to pull the “easy path” to the finals card because you contradict yourself. Two of the teams on the side of the bracket opposite to Southington were from the CCC and then there was West Haven and Prep who Southington obviously beat in the finals. Need I remind you that NFA was also ranked in the top 3 of the state polls for the majority of the year? Southington was just that good. Throw the track record against power teams out the window because like I said, this is a new era. Mike Drury will lead the Blue Knights back to the ship.

  19. JB says

    I guess folks are a bit skeptical given the graduation of Barmore … I watched the LL final and Barmore carried Southington to the big win last year against Prep. It is hard to imagine that Southington would have been able to come back that effectively against a strong Prep run-defense to win without a seasoned QB / leader like Barmore. That was one of the best “All-State” type performances for a QB in years.

  20. JB says

    Sounds very promising; Southington should definitely rip through the CCC regular season to the playoffs. What is Glastonbury returning this year?

  21. scc fan says

    State Champ, can you back up your statement of “Unfortunately they don’t have the ability to recruit kids like Prep, Xavier, and NFA” by providing any details on their recruits? I have spoken to many parents who have had kids go to Prep, X and ND and cannot find any of these recruits. The closest is Paschal who actually left TC in Stamford to go to Prep but that was the choice he made, not because he was “recruited”.

    I am sure you will fail to respond as the rest of them do when asked to provide some sampling of proof. It is just an easy cop out to say that and is usually done by teams not able to win the states so I am surprised to hear that from a Southington supporter.

    • State Champ says

      As someone who just recently graduated high school, I can speak from personal experience. Coming into high school I was asked to come to many different private schools. Obviously this would have costed money and they were not offering me anything, but the process was very much in a sense, recruiting. I also know many kids the same age as me who were reeled in by some of the private schools across the state. The fact of the matter is, an athlete, especially a good one, does not choose to go to a school out of their town without forming a relationship with the coach at that school of their respective sport. The idea that coaches from private schools don’t try to get the best athletes from around the state to come play for them is ridiculous because frankly, if I was in their position, I would try to do the same. The fact that these schools can “recruit” is not a dig on their programs or how they do things because each of the programs I mentioned have very good coaching staffs and successful programs. I was simply trying to say that being able to make an effort to create a team full of the state’s best players is a luxury that many other schools do not have. Again, I can only speak from personal experience and the experiences of some of my acquaintances.

      • scc fan says

        Ok, I get what you are saying. But that is not recruiting and I still have yet to find one person who was recruited.

    • scc fan says

      mike c, yes they looked pretty good. So did Warde which was a surprise. Not sure if all teams played to win or just play to evaluate but it was pretty good football for June. Hope all the players stayed healthy.

      • scc fan says

        it is really hard to say if teams looked very polished or not. It was a good day as football in June is hard to find.

        • Yale Camp says

          I would say Hand was most polished team there. They were the most crisp with their plays. Prep was hurt by the fact that there was no QB runs, obviously. West Haven really struggled with their plays but when they got them down, they looked great. Receiver is the real deal. Dariens got some great receivers who looked great catching and running
          in my opinion the best teams were
          1) Hand
          2) Prep
          3) Westies
          4) Darien
          5) Warde
          6) Maloney
          7) New london
          8) Ansonia
          9) Guilford

          • No Ax to Grind says

            The Junior Van Dell. Ran, threw and executed plays very well. One of the top QB’s in the State. I believe Walsh is a sophomore and is Van Dell’s back up. Too young and inexperienced to play and lead as QB at the varsity level. Over and under threw the ball and puts it into traffic at Yale Camp Scrimmage. He has two years to watch Van Dell before he starts his Senior year.

  22. JB says

    You should have contacted Prep … we all know candidates that have been offered partial scholarships to Prep … plus then they have an “official visit” with an over-night sponsored by the school / team to close the deal. Closest thing to the college recruiting process I have ever witnessed for a high school that isn’t a true boarding school. And BTW, not everyone gets that scholarship deal – just the elite recruits who show “need”. But the “need” based definition probably is similar to how the Ivy League views its “affordability” issue and how it uses its endowment. There are no athletic scholarships in the Ivy League as well … but many athletes pay nothing to attend the Ivies.

    • scc fan says

      so you know candidates but you cannot name them? typical response.

      Over-night sponsored by the school? Would love to hear more of this but we know you will not elaborate on it.

  23. JB says

    Prep starting spots are filled … so Warde and Ludlowe will rise this year. Plus, the FF youth teams have been showing strong improvement over the past few years and that pipeline is now becoming varsity material.

  24. ACL says

    JB – What is exactly your experience with the recruiting process and/or the Ivy League? You claim to have witnessed all lot of things so I am just curious what the back ground is. My son is currently being recruited by NESCAC and Ivy schools and I want to compare it to your experience.

    • JB says

      ACL – over the years have had 3 kids in different sports be recruited at Ivy, NESCAC, Patriot league schools. Have talked to coaches in each league. Also, had good friends with kids in the same chute during those years. Happy to try to answer any questions you have if I can – but I don’t know everything.

  25. Coach Lil B says

    What are the chances Ansonia goes undefeated again? Yes, they lose Newsome and basically their entire line but they return a lot of skill players and speed at all skill positions. They always seem to retool lineman anyways so I could envision them filling in some decent guys since they always hit the weight room hard. And in playoffs what teams can challenge? New format but wondering what possible teams could knock them off? Morgan returns a lot, Woodland has a few guys back, Bloomfield? North Branford and Hyde both return a lot as well I believe…? Cap Prep? Any other Nvl contenders people know of? Always like to find out who can knock off the perennial champs in Class S

    • BobbyQ says

      Those are some powerhouse Class S teams you are talking about, NOT. This new format is even worse for a team like Ansonia since they may end up in a bracket that isn’t as tough as the other Class S bracket. Ansonia will have a cake walk again with their schedule and will absolutely destroy their out of conference SWC game against Newtown. Too much speed for Ansonia.

      • youngman says

        To BobbyQ; Take my advice. go over to The Peters complex in Clinton this fall & get educated. I’m fully aware of Ansonia & the reputation of the NVL but there is talent & speed everywhere on both sides of the ball at Morgan. Their running
        attack, which will be one of the best in the state, will be augmented by a passing
        game that will be one of the best in the state as well. & their defense will be
        shutdown, led by a lock down secondary. Don’t believe me? Coach Lil B says
        Morgan returns a lot. That is a grand understatement, just wait & see.

    • IntheStands says

      Ansonia will be better this year than last. Very balanced, deep at skill positions, very good team speed. Excellent showing at Yale Camp.
      That is all.

      • scc fan says

        IntheStands, how can one person even say that and call himself a football fan? they lost the best back in CT history and you just don’t replace that back with anybody and say you are better. they lost a lot of linemen also which Ray Ray was always bragging about they have the most D1 linemen prospects than anyone.

    • youngman says

      To coach Lil B, Morgan would love to play Ansonia. They’re not afraid of anybody!
      & mike c, at the New Canaan HS ‘grip It & Rip It’ competition this past weekend the
      poor, little Morgan Huskies (a CT school!) went undefeated on Friday, taking out St.
      Luke’s of New Canaan, Cap Prep, Brookfield (they demolished Brookfield!) & Greenwich,
      one of only a few of the 42 schools to do so. On Saturday they lost to Stamford in a
      game they could have won & were (admittedly) soundly beaten by the host school, NCHS.
      But inbetween they flattened Hall of West Hartford! Now, yeah, it’s a passing league, but
      Morgan has a great QB & a corps of fleet, sure handed receivers to go along with the
      best RB in the state. Watch out for Morgan!

      • seth says

        youngman before u crown morgan state champs please do not forget that a passing league is nothing like a football game. sure it can show you who can play pass coverage and who can or can not catch a football. a lot changes when the pads come on. having said that i agree with you in the aspect that morgan can be good despite the league they play in. i dont agree that just because you are in the pequats or my sons team is in the swc means they arent good. oh ya and as a side note brookfield was missing 3 of 4 starters at wr and dbs so dont get crazy.

  26. youngman says

    As I said, keep an eye on Morgan. Why? Because just about everyone is back from last year’s playoff
    team; the O/D line is one of the biggest & best in the conference averaging over 6 feet & nearly 300
    across. Their secondary features two of the best safeties in the conference (Joe Lee & Jake Ward)
    & tied a state record for most pic6s (3) in a game. They have a corps of fleet receivers with soft
    hands & a new QB who’s going to make a lot of noise in The Pequot. & then there’s their vaunted
    running game featuring Jake Ward who finished 2nd behind Arkeel Newsome with nearly 2600 yds
    & 41 TDs. This was a team that averaged over 40 PPG while giving up only 15 PPG. So I’d say
    without hesitation; keep an eye on Morgan this coming season!

    • ansonia can play with anyone says

      what happened when they played Valley and Woodland??
      league is weak, very weak. They lost by a combined 90 points to these two teams.

      • youngman says

        Just come to Peters Complex & watch them play. & I know some people who
        refer to the NVL as the non violent league!!

      • youngman says

        To Ansonia can play with anyone. That was then, I’m talking about now. The huskies can play with anyone this year, including Ansonia, & that’s not bravado.
        & the Pequot is not weak, not with teams like Cromwell, H-K, Coginchaug, Hyde,
        Valley, North Branford & Morgan, all of whom have been playoff teams of late.
        So forget the ‘weak, very weak’ stuff & the 90 points; like I said, that was then, this is now!

  27. says

    I am hearing that contrary to above, Ansonia did very well at the Yale camp. Outplaying by a large margin that bastion of FCIAC pride, Darien. But then again it’s only a camp, not a real game. :)

  28. ansonia can play with anyone says

    Ansonia scored 5 tds in ten minutes against Hand on the last day of yale camp also.

    • Kellen says

      really, I thought they were playing on Forty yards of the field, is that the field they use in the NVL? Ansonia did score 3 times on Hand’s D. They have some good Skill, and they need to work on their line, which I’m sure will be fine. Let’s try to factual.

      • No Ax to Grind says

        Ansonia only played their starters and Hand was substituting in mass 1st, 2nd and 3rd string players. Van Dell and first team I think scored twice on Ansonia and the Hand backups did nothing, fumble and interception.

        • Ansonia to the SCC says

          Ansonia people always point out when the Charges do well in scrimmages vs SCC schools but are the first to point out that it’s “only a scrimmage” when they get whooped by an SCC school.

          Maybe Ansonia could play with anyone. Come join the SCC and lets find out!

  29. sctfootball says

    “I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice.”

    Allen Iverson

  30. Anthony Bozzocolis says

    Not much mention of Brookfield.

    They have a quite a program over there, but often seem to be the invisible man in these discussions. They will run the table this year into the state play-offs. They have at least one bona fide D-1 recruit who’s talent will rival an alumni who was a UConn star and NFL player.

    Remember I predicted this, and jump on the band wagon while you can.

    • SCC fan says

      Brookfield’s receiver has some of the best hands i have ever seen. Is that the D1 recruit or is it someone else? I don’t see any games in that league but i know the receiver is a stud.

  31. youngman says

    mike c, Just ask Coach Marinelli of New Canaan his opinion of The Morgan School. Then
    come over to the Peters’ Complex this fall to see the best team in the Pequot featuring the
    best RB in the state. Forget Valley & Woodland; that was then, this is now!

    • seth says

      youngman you are shoving morgan down everyones throat. for your sake they better be good or you will take atomic bombs from people on here

  32. JB says

    Time to start the Challenge Week smack:

    Wed 9/10 Ridgefield @ Cheshire
    Not close with Tigers by 2 TDs
    Wed 9/10 Harding @ Jonathan Law
    Close but Harding by 1 TD
    Thu 9/11 Brien McMahon @ Wilbur Cross
    McMahon on a roll by 3 TDs
    Thu 9/11 Bridgeport Central @ North Haven
    NH chases QB all over the field but prevails
    Thu 9/11 East Haven @ Bassick
    Is this football? OK, Bassick
    Thu 9/11 Stamford @ Fairfield Prep
    Hoops will be closer, Prep by 3 TDs
    Thu 9/11 Guilford @ Wilton
    Revenge, sweet revenge for G-men
    Thu 9/11 St. Joseph @ Notre Dame-West Haven
    Tough call, but M-train too much
    Fri 9/12 Darien @ Hillhouse
    Darien by 10 TDs? oops, sorry, not PC
    Fri 9/12 Foran @ Fairfield Warde
    Sorry ACL, but Warde is for real
    Fri 9/12 Hamden @ Danbury
    E is for Ecke !
    Fri 9/12 Shelton @ Trumbull
    Not even close, again Gaels
    Fri 9/12 Xavier @ Staples
    Sweet revenge, have fun on 95 North X-men
    Fri 9/12 Greenwich @ West Haven
    LONGi day for NH; Cards by 3 TDs
    Fri 9/12 Lyman Hall @ Fairfield Ludlowe
    Ludlowe in a high score
    Fri 9/12 New Canaan @ Daniel Hand
    What is the new scoreboard limit? Hand by 3 pts (scored by hand)

    FCIAC 9 wins vs. SCC 5

  33. scc fan says

    NDWH upsets Joes – no QB to throw so that takes Lars out of the equation.
    Foran over Warde – sorry, passing league heros don’t automatically make your team great.
    Xavier over Staples with a reloaded X team.
    WH gets revenge. this one is up in the air but with coaching, I take McCarthy.
    I get 8-8 and maybe 9-7 SCC depending on WH.

  34. ACL says

    I like all of your picks except for one JB. lol

    I have been hearing a lot about Warde and I know that the Lions are not looking past them. I am not making any predictions until I see the Lions play some scrimmages (New Canaan on Wednesday, Bunnell on Saturday, and St. Joe’s next Thursday). I am going to try to get to Oxford on Saturday to see Warde play. If not, I will watch them on film and weigh in. Keep in mind that last year everyone was worried about the size Warde had up front and that they would dominate Foran on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Foran handled that size pretty well and was able to win the game going away. It will be different starting the season at their place. Setting the tone early and matching their intensity will be the key.

    Bottom line is that it will be a good game and a big test that I know the Lions will be ready for!

  35. ACL says

    OK, I couldn’t resist (you’re a very bad influence JB). Here ya go:

    Ridgefield over Cheshire – it will be closer than you think.
    Harding over Law – sleeper name for Harding, DE Gene Brown. He will be in Law’s backfield all night (and he’s only a sophomore).
    McMahon over Cross – When is Cross going to be moved to D2 where they belong?
    NH over Central – When is NH going to move to D1 where they belong?
    EH over Bassick – 2nd year coach beats the first year coach.
    Prep over Stamford – JV for Prep starts the third.
    Wilton over Guilford – The Indians have lost a ton and that’s a long trip south.
    St. Joe’s over ND-WH – ND is a year away and their D won’t stop Mufasa (250+ yards rushing, minimum)
    Darien over Hillhouse – Over by the end of the first quarter.
    Foran over Warde – picking with my heart. Did you expect anything different?
    Hamden over Danbury – Next season, Danbury wins big. This season, its a coin flip.
    Shelton over Trumbull – Shelton JV starts the second…quarter.
    Xavier over Staples – Xavier wins on the final drive.
    Greenwich over WH – Will Greenwich avoid traffic on I95N by taking helicopters? How about Metro North? Either way, they win easily.
    Lyman Hall over Ludlowe – saw Ludlowe on Saturday. LH has to be better than that, right?
    Hand over New Canaan – This game is like the Daytona 500. It could be the game of the year in the first week of the season. Hand wins on a Phan FG and a blocked NC FG attempt as time expires. Video replay will show that Hand was offside on the play but is missed by the refs. Surf Club special!

    SCC wins 9-7.

  36. Coach Lil B says

    Cheshire over Ridgefield – very good defensive front 7 for Cheshire should provide them with the vioctory plus a solid running game
    Harding over Law – Harding just more athletic than Law
    McMahon over Wilbur Cross – not sure about either team in this one but I’m going with my gut
    North Haven over Bridgeport Central – North Haven lost a lot but still has some strong pieces returning to win this one
    East Haven over Bassick – think Bassick lost too much from last year’s team
    Fairfield Prep over Stamford – Fairfield Prep way too talented, not close here
    Wilton over Guilford – Guilford lost a lot and has small senior class…usually doesn’t bode well especially early in season, not sure about wilton…again gut pick
    St. Joe’s over NDWH – close game here, again going with gut and Mufasa as prolly best player on field.
    Darien over Hillhouse – Darien, not close here
    Foran over Fairfield Warde – Kasuba and offense continue to score, closer game than some may expect however (I think)
    Hamden over Danbury – not sure about either team, gut pick
    Staples over Xavier – not sold on Xavier, not that sold on Staples either as overly dominant. Very very close game here, think Staples wins at the end
    Greenwich over West Haven – WH loses too much and Greenwich returns too much, still prolly a fairly close game
    Lyman Hall over Fairfield Ludlowe – not a very interesting game, gut pick
    Hand over New Canaan – very very good game much like Staples/Xavier….down to the wire

  37. Eddie says

    Bashir did nothing against west haven defense in scrimmage.little was best back on the out for west haven this year.too fast for greenwich on home turf

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