Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome receives key to the city

Ansonia's Arkeel Newsome (right) receives the key to the city from Mayor David Cassetti on Monday, Dec. 16 at City Hall.

Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome (right) receives the key to the city from Mayor David Cassetti on Monday, Dec. 16 at City Hall.

By Jean Falbo-Sosnovich

ANSONIA >> Arkeel Newsome, Ansonia High School’s record-setting running back, and his winning coach scored more hardware Monday: keys to the city.

Coming off the heels of the Ansonia Chargers’ third straight state championship, won Friday night against their Naugatuck Valley rival, Woodland, Newsome and Coach Tom Brockett were honored by newly-elected Mayor David Cassetti.

During a brief ceremony held in the mayor’s office at City Hall, Cassetti presented both Newsome and Brockett with keys to the city. Cassetti said the city will celebrate the Chargers’ Class S state championship with a victory parade in downtown on Saturday.  Cassetti said details about the parade will be forthcoming.

Cassetti thanked both Newsome and Brockett “on behalf of a proud and grateful city.”

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Newsome, who is heading to the University of Connecticut this fall, has career totals of 10,672 yards and 187 touchdowns, shattering state records for both categories.

Ansonia’s 51-12 win against Woodland Friday night (where Newsome rushed for 259 yards and scored four touchdowns) not only makes it the third straight state championship for the Chargers, but the 19th state title in the school’s history.

The winning pair was lauded by Superintendent of Schools Carol Merlone at the informal ceremony at City Hall. Merlone said Newsome is an all-around “nice young man,” both on and off the field, and Brockett and the coaches work hard to “promote and foster a family atmosphere,” where students work hard to meet their goals.

“Arkeel is as great a young man as he is an athlete,” Merlone added. “He is very respectful and a role model for others.”

Newsome knew he loved football, and could run like the wind, at the tender age of 8. During his freshman year with the Chargers, he scored 18 touchdowns, mainly as a receiver. It was sophomore year when Newsome truly found his niche as a record-setting running back.

Cassetti lauded both Newsome and Brockett for their winning ways, dedication and making their hometown proud.

“Arkeel Newsome was one of the most outstanding players; broke every record in the city, state, and the nation in high school football,” Cassetti said. “He contributed great leadership skills for the whole team and stands very humble as the team’s captain.”

Of Brockett, Cassetti said, “Coach Brockett was coach for a total of 14 years and has been a leader and head coach for the past six years. He had 100 wins and 7 losses as head coach. Saturday marked the 100th win for the record. Coach Brockett devotes 100 percent of his energy and dedication for the team.”


  1. Football Fan says

    Hired help
    The young man lives in Ansonia for the past four years. He may have grown up in Waterbury, but he no longer lives there. Last I knew people in america could live anywhere they wish. Give him credit, stop all this nonsense.

    Great job Arkeel !!!

  2. anotherfan says

    All good high school programs attract talent from other towns,not just privite schools…just ask coach Cokran (New Britan, New London,and Bloomfield), he had an article somewhere on here this year.For 2 years now that topic was brought up, can we move on now that Arkeel is graduating.

  3. Bob Williams says

    Arkeel leads the nation in rushing and scoring this year and is second all time in yardage to Derrick Henry last years Parade player of the year.

  4. Terrance says

    Anotherfan sounds like another delirious Ansonia fan who thinks it’s ok and fun to have kids move into towns to play football like they are playing for Miami or Alabama when in reality nobody from outside the state of CT. could give 2 shits obviously, if we have a running back that ran for 50,000 yds 400 td’s because NOBODY is up here recruiting him. Cochran is a poor example to use as a role model for coaching also he’s the biggest rule breaker and the reason we have the idiotic 50 point rule so if that’s what you think high school sports are about that’s sad.

  5. Gregg says

    Newsome lives and has lived in Ansonia for the past 4+ years. Get over it already people.
    And Newsome was indeed recruited by several D1 schools, (Fla State, Tennesee, etc. all were looking at him) so people outside of CT DO care.
    He chose UCONN because 1) CT is home, and 2) he will have a better chance to play.

    I am sure EVERY kid on New Canaan was born and raised there too. And every kid on Hand was born and raised in Madison… shall I go on?

    Enough already with this crap. Stop being pissed that he didn’t choose to move to your High School’s town, and just give the kid credit already for drying out loud. You are all worse than children.

  6. Gribbs says

    You mean Brockett doesn’t pick him up and drive him in every day like he did with Dobbs . Oh that’s right Waterbury isn’t on the way in like Hamden was .

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