Newsome, Ansonia go down in history: 15-0 Chargers roll to third straight title

Ansonia coach Tom Brockett gets a ride from his team after the Chargers won the Class S championship, 51-12 over Woodland at Central Connecticut State's Arute Field (Photo Mara Lavitt)

Ansonia coach Tom Brockett gets a ride from his team after the Chargers won the Class S championship, 51-12 over Woodland at Central Connecticut State’s Arute Field (Photo Mara Lavitt)

Tyler Bailey (5) lifts Ansonia's Arkeel Newsome  into the air in celebration of winning the Class S championship (Photo: Mara Lavitt)

Tyler Bailey (5) lifts Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome into the air in celebration of winning the Class S championship (Photo: Mara Lavitt)

NEW BRITAIN –  Arkeel Newsome, Ansonia’s record-setting running back, and his fellow seniors have compiled a resume that may not be matched for some time on the high school football scene.

They capped their careers with a third-straight state title Friday, but that only begins to tell part of the story. This victory, a 51-12 decision over Naugatuck Valley League rival Woodland in the Class S championship game before 1,400 at Arute Field, was the Chargers’ 43rd in a row.

Translation: the Ansonia seniors did not lose a game the last three seasons.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Newsome said. “This is a little more (meaningful) because it’s my senior year and third in a row.”

After winning the Class M title in 2011, the Chargers have won the last two in Class S. It was the 19th state title for the Chargers, who have been to 27 state finals. Both are state records. Ansonia, ranked No. 1 in the Register Top 10 Poll, also became the first team to win 15 games in a season.

[PHOTOS: The Class S championship game]

Arkeel Newsome eludes the grasp of Woodland's Levi Fancher in the Class S final (Photo Mara Lavitt)

Arkeel Newsome eludes the grasp of Woodland’s Levi Fancher in the Class S final (Photo Mara Lavitt)

“To do this is an unbelievable accomplishment,” said Ansonia coach Tom Brockett, who has won five titles and is 100-7 in eight seasons. “These kids have done every single thing that’s been asked of them, and I don’t think it left any doubt in anybody’s mind.”

Newsome capped an illustrious career by running 34 times for 259 yards and four touchdowns. He also threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Tom Majchrzak in the fourth quarter.

A 42-yard run on the first play of the second half allowed Newsome to break his own single-season record for rushing yards. Newsome finished this season with 333 carries for 3,867 yards and 68 touchdowns. Newsome, who is headed to UConn next fall, has career totals of 10,672 yards and 187 touchdowns, both state records.

“What’s the best adjective you could use to describe a running back, and I’ll use the word,” Brockett said. “I’m out of them. He’s been unbelievable; a special, special kid. I can’t wait to watch him at UConn. He added his legacy to high school football. He’s got some records that won’t be touched, at least in my lifetime.”

Woodland turned the ball over on its first two possessions. Both led to Ansonia touchdowns, a 6-yard run by Newsome and a 27-yard fumble recovery by junior Witold Gul that put the Chargers up 14-0. The Hawks (12-3) cut the lead to 14-6 on a 14-yard run by Tanner Kingsley, but Newsome scored the next two touchdowns to put Ansonia up 28-6 at halftime.

Sophomore Tajik Bagley scored on a touchdown run in the third quarter for the Chargers, while Newsome’s pass to Majchrzak, and a Newsome run, accounted for Ansonia’s scores in the fourth quarter. Kingsley scored on a 5-yard run in the third quarter for Woodland.

The Ansonia offensive line, consisting of seniors Matt Simon, Ryan Hovan, Corey Dzienkiewicz, Antone Mack and junior Tyler O’Connell have been a big reason for Newsome’s success, and they didn’t mind letting Newsome get all the notoriety.

“If he scores, we score,” Hovan said. “Obviously he is a superstar, we understand that, and we just play as a team. When he gets credit, we all get credit.”

This state title was especially rewarding for Hovan, who missed all of last season with a broken leg.

“This is everything we worked for since we were freshmen,” Hovan said. “We wanted to come out here and do something special that no one else has really done. It was a big achievement.”

Arkeel Newsome leaps to throw a touch pass to Thomas Majchrzak in the third quarter of the Class S championship (Mara Lavitt - New Haven Register)

Arkeel Newsome leaps to throw a touch pass to Thomas Majchrzak in the third quarter of the Class S championship (Mara Lavitt – New Haven Register)

WOODLAND 0 6 6 0 — 12
ANSONIA 14 14 8 15 — 51
First quarter

A–Arkeel Newsome 6 run (Witold Gul kick)
A–Gul 27 fumble recovery return (Gul kick)
Second quarter
W–Tanner Kingsley 14 run (kick failed)
A–Newsome 2 run (kick failed)
A–Newsome 8 run (Newsome run)
Third quarter
A–Tajik Bagley 4 run (Thomas Majchrzak pass from Jai’Quan McKnight)
W–Kingsley 5 run (pass failed)
Fourth quarter
A–Majchrzak 11 pass Newsome (Bagley run)
A–Newsome 3 run (Gul kick)
Team records: Ansonia 15-0, Woodland 12-3

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  1. ciacfollower says

    @52-12, with 2mins left, they took there seniors out. The epitome of CT high school football…And an exciting game, who woulda thunk ?!

  2. says

    Hey Ansonia…..Why not prove you are the best in the state year in and year out by scheduling some of big boys like New Cannan, Derian, Fairfield Prep amd about ten of high school teams around the state. If you remember Chseshire won six state titles in a row and they actually petitioned to be switched from Class L to Doublel LL. I would respect Ansonia more if the left the comfort zone and played some real competition!!!!!!! Sorry but Ansonia does not deserve the respect showered down upon them….So test the waters and see what happens….

    • Charger nation says

      Tell those teams to take their best 21 players make them play both ways and come down to the class S and watch them get beat down

      No 2 D line

      No 2 O line
      And you’ll see what there stamina is like after that!!!!

      You will find out what Ansonia about
      want some come get some

    • mike(spirit of 65 forever) says

      For so long I have seen notes written by people like you that know nothing about what is really behind high school football.Ansonia for years has always played anyone anywhere in this state.Ansonia is ct high school football at its best.Tradition, respect for yourself and your opponent are the trademarks of Ansonia. Ansonia players are taught life lessons year in and out. That doesn’t mean other coaches do not do the same for there players.Titles are earned year in and out by Ansonia teams because in part of the tradition of Ansonia football. I am as proud of Ansonia football today as I was when I wore the blue. At Ansonia your desire to succeed is fueled by haters like you who always spout off you can’t be good because you are a small and look at team a or b because they had a good year. Ansonia earns the respect it gets the hard way year in and out on the field. Rivalry game after rivalry game makes up the schedule for the blue and those are the hardest to play week in and out. Stuff your mouth with a boiled hot dog and be a man and give these kids the respect they have earned.

    • IntheStands says

      Lefty (Clueless)-
      The CIAC has not let schools opt for higher divisions since 1980, the last time Ansonia was ALLOWED to. Cheshire has always been a LL school. If you’re gonna hate on Ansonia (little jealous, perhaps?) at least get your facts straight.

      • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

        Actually, Cheshire has not always been a LL school. They won four consecutive Class L titles from ’92-’95 before moving to Class LL where they continued their run of state championships in ’96 and ’97 then won LL again in ’09.

  3. Dave says

    “RESPECT”….interesting word. It is something that is earned each season. Being a Champion and ranked “in the top 10” is respectful. Playing the states toughest schedule, in one of the states toughest divisions, and not being ranked #1…is not RESPECTFUL! Respecting a town for its traditions….recognizing a programs success over the years is appropriate… in the past (1965)….when things have clearly changed throughout the state….and not recognizing programs for thier accomplishments TODAY… not respectful….”give the kids the respect they have earned”…..

  4. GO NOLES!! says

    Dave and Lefty S.-
    Tom Brockett commented after last night’s game that there is a remarkable jealousy toward the programs at the top-not just his Ansonia program. He noted that there is too much negativity in high school football, and that the ADULTS “need to knock off the nonsense” and “enjoy the kids doing what a lot of other people can’t do”.
    Words of wisdom from a man who, like other coaches across the state, has dedicated his career to teaching and a sport for little pay.

    And those words are directed at the likes of you, losers who disparage KIDS and their accomplishments from behind the anonymity of a keyboard.

  5. Hannibal_Barca says

    Congratulations, Ansonia. The Chargers did a fine job defeating all their opponents. The program is very well run, the players execute well. Newsome had a truly superb career and I wish him well at UConn. We will never know which team was better, Ansonia or NC, but the mere fact that such a statement may be made is testament to the quality of both teams this year. That said, a decision must be made about which team should be named #1 in the state polls. It’s too bad that the chance to prove me wrong will never come to pass; based on the strength of schedule (winning the toughest league in the state this year) and the quality of their opponents (including victories over Daniel Hand, Greenwich, Staples, Class M State Champion St. Joe’s – twice, plus playoff wins versus Farmington! North Haven and #1 seed Darien), I’ll have to pick Class L State Champion New Canaan as the mythical State Open Champion for 2013-2014. This is not to underplay Ansonia’s achievements or call their quality into question. Quite simply, New Canaan’s benchmarks are more impressive. Too bad they’ll never play, I’d love to be proved wrong….

  6. Crimson Crusader says

    As a longtime Valley football booster, can’t figure out how people from away from the Valley can scrutinize a great program, run by coaches who work so hard to make their teams better and kids who buy into what these coaches teach them…Yes, sometimes their fans are fanatical but don’t blame the players, the schedule or the league…Ansonia can only play the cards that are dealt to them (their schedule). Winning 43 in a row is a great accomplishment, no matter who they play…. Congrats to the Chargers…And to Coach Tom Brockett on winning his 100th game..

  7. Johnnybaccala says

    attention crimson crusader, Most fans around ct. Dislike the following teams mo matter how good or bad their league or team is. All private schools because they have a big edge over the public schools. Ansonia because of their success and the fact that they play no one. All the rich fciac schools like new Canaan Darien Greenwich staples. That will never change . Is it fair to these teams….no

  8. says

    ansonia——15-0, 44 straight wins,best rb and o-line in state, 19 state championships—–no ones even close———ansonia no.1———any team with a loss shouldnt even be considered

    • Hannibal Barca says

      Headline: Ansonia defeats Lilliput (again x 15).

      Beating 15 small-fry teams doesn’t qualify them as #1 by a long shot. NC beat 8 ranked teams while Ansonia beat none.

      Based on the (non) quality of their opponents Ansonia shouldn’t even be considered. The only reason they are is all the whining done by you and other Ansonia supporters who aim to justify the unjustifiable by means of a ceaseless PR campaign that attempts to position their Class S side as the second coming of Lombardi’s Packers.

      Look, they’re a good team, but don’t try to convince those of us who know about football that Ansonia would certainly have been unbeaten playing NC’s schedule or an SCC D-1 schedule. It’s not certain that would have been the case.

      On the other hand, New Canaan certainly did defeat all of it’s opponents, including the aforementioned 8 of whom which were ranked.

      Sorry, Charlie, but your claims are not facts and your tiresome argument doesn’t wash.

        • Hannibal_Barca says

          They beat Darien. Like I said, they beat everybody they played. Ansonia didn’t beat anyone close to Darien’s quality.

          NC beat every team it played. They beat 8 ranked opponents.

          Ansonia beat every team it played. They beat 0 ranked opponents.

          Do you honestly think that either Mount Union or Wisconsin Whitewater, both 14-0 in NCAA Div lll, should be ranked ahead if Alabama?

          Get real…

  9. Johnnybaccala says

    When all is said and done who cares if the pollsters pick you as number 1. Win the states in your class and you have the most important prize. STATECHAMPS

  10. Big Ansonia Fan says

    Hey hey here. Put up or shut up. You want to be 15-0, then transfer to our league! Otherwise, stop talking about it. We have to be fair to our kids! Merit? You mean the merrit parkway? That goes thru those rich towns? This has nothing to do with merit or merrit..whatever..When we talk about NC or D1, then ok that talk involves a bit of merit or merrit..whatever..but lets not digress..Ansonia is number one and undefeated and if if anyone wants to suggest otherwise it is just negativity, jealousy and hatred! yes, hatred! nothing to do with merit..

  11. Big Ansonia Fan says

    So, are we done here or what? I’m busy. I think there is an ansonia hater in my kitchen cabinet. And I have to take care of this.

  12. Hannibal Barca says

    Big Ansonia Fan – MasukRules

    Big Ansonia Fan and MasukRules were married Saturday at the St. Jehosephat Church of the Weak Conferences Redeemers in Woeful Victim Valley, CT. RAY BROWN, a anti-Scientologist priest, led the ceremony.

    The bride, 19, of Waterbury, will continue to use her name, “Chargers,” professionally. She is a vice president specializing in small school exploitation for high marketing ROI, at Ansonia Marketing Group in Ansonia. She graduated with high distinction from Ansonia High School, but if you ever get the chance to meet her she’ll explain that she graduated with the highest distinction ever recorded from the greatest high school ever established. Truly a high school among high schools.

    She is a daughter of the greatest mother that was ever born, Ann S. Onya, of Ansonia and the fiercest most competitive father who ever lived, a man who loves to describe in detail the fear he instills in his competitor’s children as he scatters them before him, Gar A. Teprogram, also of Ansonia.

    The groom, MasukRules, is a medical resident with Cochran-Murphy, LLC, a New London partnership specializing in mercenary services in the town of Monroe, CT. He graduated from Masuk High School in 2012 and is currently attending the University of Connecticut, a D1 school if ever there was one. He is best known for taking extreme delight in routing D4 high school opponents so ruthlessly that it was possible to hear the lamentations of their parent and alumni associations for miles and miles.

    Big Ansonia Fan and Masuk Rules are well known for their blog site “Legends in Our Own Minds, the Greatest Sports Performances and Programs in American High School Football History” and their pending, no doubt bestseller “Ansonia and Masuk” #1 Now and Forever, No Matter How Trivial and Insignficant Our Opponents May Be.”

  13. Walter Camp says

    I was able to see all the State finalists play this year. Also, saw other top ranked teams as well. Congrats to Ansonia for being first team to go 15-0 and winning the Class S championship. Congrats to NC for winning the Class L. If they had not lost to Darien in the Turkey Bowl then there would be no argument as to who is No.1. Even the Ansonia coaches, their fans and sports writers have to acknowledge that NC did play a far demanding schedule than Ansonia. NC showed that they were vulnerable to a ranked team who was able to play their A game. At the same time, Ansonia was a one dimensional offensive team that showed they too were vulnerable in nearly losing to an unranked team, Seymour. Throughout the season, Ansonia made a lot of mistakes on the field that would have cost them many a game if they played a ranked Class L or Class LL team. Since NC and Ansonia will never play one another, I would be willing to let them share the No. 1 ranking for 2013. Why not? It would at least silence the bloggers and give an out to the sports media voters and coaches. Ansonia is well coached and has very good players. However, we will never know how good any of their championship teams were if they do nothing to show the rest of the State that they are willing to play top ranked Class L and LL teams when they have an open date. For Ansonia to have turned down Hand’s past request to play when they both had an open date goes to show that they do not want to leave the creature comforts of the NVL, Class S or put at risk their winning streak. That in itself exposes Ansonia coache’s worst fears. Shame on Ansonia coaches for not welcoming the opportunity to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are worthy of being considered for the No. 1 ranking on an annual basis. I am sure that the Ansonia players would have welcomed the opportunity to strap on their pads and helmets and go toe to toe with a ranked Class L or Class LL team. NC has stepped up and played Class LL teams throughout their seasons time and time again. It’s time for the NH Register poll to use a BCS type of poll to qualify a ranked team based on their wins, loses and schedule. To do otherwise, makes their fictitious poll a sham. Favoritism comes into play. Last year, Mr. Boyle made a mockery of the NH Register Poll by not voting Hand as the No. 1 team when Hand soundly defeated Xavier on their own field and was to all others who witnessed them play throughout the year the unanimous No. 1 team. It is difficult to allowed a team to pass the smell/eye test when they play so many inferior teams even in the State tournament. Likewise, a team that is playing a demanding schedule will not appear to look as dominant since they are playing their equals. Ansonia has become the Boise State of CT. Play a quality schedule or suffer the consequences in the polls. Congrats to the State Champions and to all CTHS football players who make it fun to cheer for them throughout the season.

  14. Football fan says

    Why would the writers and voters make Ansonia #1 for the past three weeks after NC lost and now the playoffs are over and Ansonia wins all three games and there suppose to change their minds. They won all their games 15-0, went into the playoffs #1 so they should stay #1. That’s the way it has always been. Let it be.
    Congratulations to all the young men at Ansonia.
    Congratulations Tom and your staff for another enjoyable year.
    Congratulations Arkeel for all your accomplishments and given the fans in this state something we will never forget.

    • Hannibal_Barca says

      Putting a Formula 1 car in Formula 3 and winning all the races doesn’t mean you have best car in Formula 1.

      Putting the Houston Texans in the Ivy League and watching them go undefeated there doesn’t imply that they’d go undefeated in the NFL.

      Quality of opposition and strength of schedule matter.

      Look, fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong; Ansonia’s schedule is harming them. They might be the best team, we don’t know. Based on the comparative performances of Ansonia and New Canaan, both teams defeated every team they played, but new Canaan played a very tough schedule and Ansonia played a very weak one.

      Based on their schedule, we don’t know how strong Ansonia was. But we do know how strong New Canaan’s was. Based on that, it’d be grossly unfair to NOT vote New Canaan as #1 – of the two, they are really the only solidly known quantity.

      Nothing against Ansonia, but their schedule doesn’t allow them to create adequate proof points validating a #1 ranking.

  15. big ansonia fan says

    Football Fan-
    Couldnt agree with you more.
    Voters put ansonia number 1 last three weeks. And what as changed?
    Also, last thing a person should consider doing if they realize their opinion is wrong and perhaps unfair is consider changing it! What do you want to look like a fool?
    For example, Football Fan, you say the “playoffs are over”. Some wise guy is going to try to disagree with you on this..I m just trying to give you a heads up here mate.. and say actually there is the class LL game to play and maybe your opinion is wrong and your attitude is a bit unfair to the kids in this game, blah blah, blah.
    I say, just dont back down and stick to your opinion—playoffs are over.
    And the voters should take the same approach..

    • Hannibal_Barca says

      They wouldn’t look like fools for changing their minds.

      I voted Ansonia #1 too. But when New Canaan spanked Darien in their rematch that, in combination with their strength of schedule and post season performance, put them back on top.

      If Ansonia had beaten someone, anyone of significant strength!, a single SCC Div-1 or a top echelon FCIAC, we wouldn’t be discussing this, Ansonia would be #1.

      But they didn’t so they aren’t.

  16. Big Ansonia Fan says

    Well, not only is ansonia number 1 this year. I would have to say pre-season number 1 for next year. Ansonia will lose alot of talent next year. NC, hand, prep, Darien, st joes etc will be good. But you have to be undefeated to go number one! And you see hand plays nc early. So one of them will lose. Prep plays St joes early. So, one of them will lose. Darien vs NC on Thanksgiving. Again, you got it, one of them will lose. Eventually all the best teams in the state, other than ansonia, will play each other, and they will lose! This is why we should be preseason number 1 next year.

    • Hannibal Barca says

      You don’t have to be undefeated to be number 1. That’s a total load. Undefeated #1 teams have occurred only half the time over the last six years or so.

      On the other hand, you’re absolutely right. Ansonia will continue to schedule teams like Bedford Elementary School, Hindley Elementary, or West Elementary School and throw in Coleytown Middle School around mid-season to test where they are and make adjustments. Then on Turkey Day they’ll beat up on another team with a record littered with victories over elementary schools.

      After emerging from this death struggle with a 15-0 record and having scored close to a thousand points while allowing allowed only 150, they’ll have the cojones to claim they actually accomplished something worthy of statewide admiration.

      Jeez, catch the drift, we suspect they’re good, possibly really good, maybe even good enough to challenge for “best” this year. But they didn’t play anybody.

      But until they create a valid proof point, Ansonia and its supporters will have to cry in the wilderness about how great they are at killing bears. Pining and whining your way to a state open title is no way to go through life Charger-fans. I bet you have imaginary friends too.

      At least Masuk 2010-11 spanked its way to a title despite playing in the WCC, er, SWC. They bagged big SCC and FCIAC bear that year, crushing their opponents with their bare hands.

      As for this year’s New Canaan squad, they’ve brought home 8 big bears for roasting. For real. Now they’re gonna enjoy a big feast. You can read about it in the papers later this week.

      As for the actual team and staff: you guys did a great job. You took on all comers and you have a wonderful program. It’s time, if possible, to make moves aimed to reduce the level of ambiguity that affect how good you really are. Get some tough out of conference opponents if you can – prove us wrong on the field.

  17. Big Ansonia Fan says

    Why didnt the final polls come out today- with ansonia number 1? Pleeese dont tell me we are going to wait for the LL finals! come on…

  18. Big Ansonia Fan says

    Hannibal-Crazy. How can you say that we will never know who is better-ansonia or New canann? Insult to Ansonia, frankly. Ansonia is clearly better!

      • Big ansonia fan says

        Hannibal-not funny sir. While i have not met her, frankly i have to say that your wife is also overrated. But enough about the families.
        This year is done…get past it. Ansonia number 1. It is simple as that: we are undefeated!
        Next year, it would be UNFAIR not to put ansonia as the preseason number 1. I think we can all agree-haters and non haters- that ansonia is the most likely team in the state to go undefeated next year, correct?
        That means preseason number be fair.
        are we done here?

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