GameTimeCT / Register Top 10 final poll: Ansonia voted No. 1 for fifth time in school history


Ansonia's players pose for the No. 1 photo at Ansonia High School Friday morning (Mike Pucci)

Ansonia’s players pose for the No. 1 photo at Ansonia High School Friday morning (Mike Pucci)

The state’s writers and broadcasters have spoken.

Ansonia was voted the No. 1 team in Connecticut for 2013. This is the Chargers’ fifth No. 1 final ranking in the New Haven Register’s Top 10 poll. The program was also ranked no. 1 in 2007, 2006, 1989 and 1983.

The Chargers defeated Woodland 51-12 to capture their 19th state championship and finish the season an unprecedented 15-0. They have won 43 consecutive games and three consecutive state championships.

Here’s the final 2013 New Haven Register / GameTimeCT Top 10 poll:


The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.


CLASS LL: Southington 52, Fairfield Prep 34
CLASS L: New Canaan 44, Darien 12
CLASS M: St. Joseph 54, Brookfield 16
CLASS S: Ansonia 51, Woodland 12


    • Raff says

      Ansonia is #1 amd 15-0 can;t be ignored. It’s still 15 games and that is not easy.

      This year if any year truly shows there needs to be an open division as soon as possible.

      Imagine a final four of Ansonia vs. Southington and New Canaan vs Prep or a West Haven and then the winners meet?

      Due to the system and how the CIAC makes it difficult for teams to jump a class but in basketball it’s easy is mind boggling.

      Also Southington was impressive last night and QB Barmore is exceptional with Wr Jammelle but for someone on here to say the CCC is tough doesn’t have much weight to stand on.

      The CCC has an awful overall playoff record.

      Hats off to Southington though they deserve the LL title and will probably finish #3 in CT.

      Final top 8-

      1. Ansonia
      2. New Canaan
      3. Southington
      4. ST. Joseph
      5. Fairfield Prep
      6. Darien
      7. West Haven
      8. North Haven

      • ray brown says

        id rather have seen Ansonia-st.joes,southington—new caanan——-west haven and prep couldn’t play against better teams obviously

    • DB says

      Here is the real poll based on facts. One day this is the poll everyone will track. Ansonia people will hate it but I would love to see them play any team ranked above them. Max Preps

      1 New Canaan 14-1 9-1 54.8 22.5 –
      2 Southington 12-1 3-1 50.1 18.8 +1
      3 St. Joseph (Trumbull) 13-2 8-2 45.7 22.4 -1
      4 Fairfield Prep (Fairfield) 11-3 4-0 41.7 27.2 –
      5 Darien 12-2 8-1 39.9 26.1 –
      6 Ansonia 15-0 6-0 39 3.9 +1
      7 West Haven 10-3 4-0 38.7 25.7 -1
      8 Xavier 8-3 3-1 35 23.2 –
      9 North Haven 11-3 3-0 35 17.7 –
      10 Glastonbury 10-2 4-0 34.2 16.4

      How It Works!
      (A brief explanation of the factors that affect the MaxPreps Rankings system…)

      MaxPreps uses a computer program to determine team rank. We do not poll coaches, sportswriters, or fans. Nor does our staff make any judgments on the merits of any individual team. Prior season history, school size, and comments on message boards are not considered in the MaxPreps

      The system utilizes the huge number of game results stored in the MaxPreps database. Generally, the more a team wins the higher the ranking, but the system takes into account quality wins (against other highly ranked opponents) and strength of schedule.

      For example, a team’s ranking is hurt more by losing to a team that is ranked below them versus a team ranked ahead.

      Other factors that will affect the rankings are times when MaxPreps has incomplete or inaccurate information. We will correct errors when they are reported to us. If we are missing a score, report it to us on the team’s MaxPreps page. If we are missing a game on the schedule, send us a correction request.

      Generally, the more games that are played the more accurate the rankings, so if a team that you perceive as being very strong has played substantially fewer games than other ranked teams it may reflect the fact that we have less data to work with.

      Playoff games are weighed 2.1 times what a regular season game is.

      Movement indicates the up or down movement within the rankings when compared to our previously published rankings.

      MaxPreps football rankings are updated once a week, other sports will be updated three times a week during the sport season.

      • JB says

        Curious, DB, it would be interesting to track the Max Prep rating by division and see who the computer would have shown as the top 8 teams for the playoffs by division?

      • Keith Soldra says

        A few things to note:

        1) MaxPreps doesn’t have their people watch ALL of these teams play. The scores and stats are reported to them. True, although they may send a photographer to take pics to draw folks to the website to purchase them. So what is the voting based on, if no one from MaxPreps is actually watching? Hmm….?

        2) Computers are only as smart as the people who program them. Again, if no “human” sees these teams play, what is the criteria if past history, school size, sportswriters, blogs, message boards, and such are irrelevant? Hmm….?

        3) If the computer doesn’t use past history, then why would they need to store a huge number of game results? Hmm…..?

        4) If they don’t factor in school size, but they do penalize a team more for losing to a lower ranked opponent, then why wouldn’t an undefeated Ansonia team (who never lost) not be higher then teams with two or three loses even with a weaker SOS. Hmm….?

        5) If playoff games are weighed 2.1 times what a regular season game is across the board, then all playoff teams (regardless of class) are considered the same. So to MaxPreps, Darien and Coginchaug are equal because both made the playoffs? Really….that’s logical?

        Congratulations, you found a poll that validated your point that Ansonia shouldn’t be #1 or did you? Does you really think the MaxPreps poll is any less subjective? I hope not, but if it makes you sleep better….Happy Holidays!!!

    • says

      Who’s yours then? They can only be the #1 team, however you cut it up. The larger schools did not dominate, and quite frankly, I have not seen a team that would stop Newsome! You propably can score on Ansonia, but they would outscore ANYBODY!!

      • Bubba says

        My book is called, how to play a cupcake schedule, beat everyone, and get the #1 ranking, even though there are 10 schools in a down year that would beat them with ease. I would abbreviate the title and just call it: Duck the big dogs and be #1. Best seller!

  1. fciacfan says

    Don’t necessarily agree –will be interesting to see how the voting played out. Yes, Ansonia did what they were supposed to do –win all their games. But I still think New canaan played a tougher schedule. Congratulations to Coach Brockett, his staff and team.

  2. ibleedblue says

    It’s over and done. We’re #1. Congratulations to the Ansonia Chargers. You truly deserved it. Good luck next year!

  3. ValleyFalls1 says

    All new comments moot. Vote completed. Further discussion is what it is :)

    See you next year.

    Go Lavender, Go Blue, Go Chargers!

  4. Hawk says

    It hard to argue against Ansonia being the number 1 team in the state. Well deserved. Southington would smoke you 64-21. Just sayin. It’s easy to be number 1/43 wins in a row. Best rb in state history. Top 3 program in state history. When u play scub teams it’s easy to win 43 in a row. Would like to see Ansonia In the future step their game up and play teams that are in top 15. Like I said southington would smoke you and embarrass you. Could hang for a half but that’s it. Ask prep bout that

    • ter says

      your right hawk Ansonia plays a bunch of scrubs, not everyone can hold their own in the mighty CCC. Southington beat one good team all year (hope you sent a thank you card to Ridgefield) they are very good and very explosive, but not 40 points better than ansonia thats just being ridiculous…. good luck with conard next year

      • Hawk says

        Yes I didn’t mention that southington played a cake schedule true. But we did beat prep who played if I’m not mistaken 8 top 15 teams during the year. How many top 15 schools did Ansonia play during their 43 game winning streak. Maybe 3. Can’t run the ball down 21 pts. Start throwing and ur getting picked off. Prob to the house which increases the score to 40 by the end of fourth. 64-21 southington

        • ter says

          yea funny how u forgot that part…..beating one good/over rated team does not make u 40 points better then the #1 team in the state. dont hang your head on the fact that prep played a so called “tough schedule”, that doesnt make southington look any better. if anything that speaks to just how over rated the SCC was this year.

          you have to get up 3 scores on ansonia before your logic makes any sense and guess what…. they would still run it down your throat

        • says

          It’s a shame Prep had to give that game away….YES I said GAVE the game away. A couple of bad throws and it looks like a blowout. It was a blowout the other way until Preps DB’s forgot they were in a STATE TITLE game. Southington won hands down though exploding in the second half. The game much much close then 18 points though. I think one TD was scored with no time left and another was a pick as well. I’m not taking away its just Prep was beaten and completely out of their element by then. It was a one score win as far as I’m concerned with SHS as the LL champs. New Canaan by far the out right #1 team with Southington playing as good as anyone a close second and Joe’s 3 followed by Prep. Ansonia belongs right were any other class s champ sits in the final poll 8,9,10. What makes them any different? There in class S you wanna stay there join the rest of the other S teams in the rankings.

  5. Pat Lynch says

    Congrats Ansonia! Well deserved! I’m sure 100 people will have their comments, they didn’t play anyone, Class S, blah, blah, blah. Ansonia would win against 90% of the state and be in a battle with 10% of the state, who knows who’d win, we’ll never find out, so forget it! I believe Ansonia would play someone out of league but who? They have 11 games on schedule and 10 are set, so 1 other game. What LL school would schedule an S school that they have a good chance to lose to? No one, it’s why it doesn’t happen. Until the CIAC wakes up and makes teams that win move up or an open division, it will be a worthless discussion, so stop! As an Ansonia guy who enjoys Valley rivalries, let’s get Shelton back on the yearly schedule!

    • Tom says

      You’re half right and half wrong. Ansonia would win against 95% of the state- more than 90% but that doesn’t make them number 1 in my book (90% is selling them short). If you think that the reason Ansonia doesnt play LL schools is because LL schools are scared you are very very wrong. Teams from the FCIAC would love to play Ansonia. Ansonia can also schedule out of state games like some teams do. Ansonia chooses not to play tough schools because they go undefeated (unless St. Joes is class S), win championships, and get voted number 1. As long as the state continues to vote them number 1 they will have no incentive to schedule tough games. Personally, final rankings mean absolutely nothing to me. However, the state should not incentivize Ansonia not to play teams that are its caliber.

      • ter says

        ansonia doesnt play out of state because despite their dominance they are a small public school that cant afford to go play teams out of state just to be accused of dodging the so called power houses in this state.

        pat is 100% right, 2 years ago ansonia was begging for out of league games and couldnt find anyone cuz none of the “big boys” wanted to risk losing to a class S school, so they had to play Torrington as their so called out of league game

        • says

          They have a home field don’t they?????? IT’S such a honor to play at that dump I’m sure Don Bosco or Bergen Catholic would love to come down and play. LOL that would be a treat to see all the clueless people watch the and I quote (best RB ever) comical get a beating like he owed money. game over by halftime and one of the Bosco/Bergen HC would be suspended next game for 50 maybe 100 point win

  6. Football Santa says

    Hawk, its nice to see Southington do well. Now try to repeat it every year. you should dominate HS football with the THOUSANDS of boys you have at yuor school, but you dont. Ansonia has 215 boys in school and they repeat year after year. it aint the schedule, its the program, year after year after year.

  7. Tom says

    Ansonia received it over a Greenwhich team in 2007 that had one loss– an undefeated team from Florida. The rankings dont mean anything so this shouldn’t bother anyone. Obviously a college coach would take at least twice as many players from New Canaan’s roster over Ansonias. @football santa if Ansonia’s coach thought they were good year after year he would schedule out of state games like the FCIAC teams do every couple of years. At the very least, they schedule games against a tough SCC conference. Ansonia, on the other hand, does neither.

    • ter says

      ansonia does not have the funds to take the whole team on a trip to get their ass kicked in florida for no reason, that is a whole other level of high school football and there are no grounds for comparison…… if u think that loss is why they got out voted u need to take the blinders off.

  8. Charger nation says

    It’s easy to play a game when you have 90 kids on the field Ansonia doesn’t have many kids on a field you guys keep talking junk because you got 90 kids on the field Ansonia play with 30 kids on a field !!!! A lot of These kids play both ways!!!!! So take your best 21 player and they have to play both way!!!! Drop down to class S
    And come get some? You could make up 21 players to come down to play Ansonia!!! It should be easy for you since NVL is so weak you said!!! You come down the death Valley and you will get what you deserve

    • Hawk says

      It’s great that 90 kids are on the sideline. Fact only 25-30 actually see the field. It’s called a j v team to fill in the sideline.

      • Charger nation says

        Against St. Joe’s they ran the a red zone offense
        A whole new line and D-line
        Look at the video !!!! Bring your best 30 and just by you saying that shows me you don’t even know what you talking about I was at the game

  9. Life'sTooShort says

    Schedule strength in the pro’s and major college really does matter. But in high school, it’s very difficult to judge and make comparisons based upon the records of the other teams played. Nobody really knows how good the FCIAC, NVL, CCC, or any conference is over the course of a season. It’s just high school football, where there is no such thing as a “cupcake” schedule.

    • Not Ray Brown says

      This could be the most inaccurate post I’ve read on this website. It’s called the “eye test”. And if you can’t apply the eye test at the high school level, you probably don’t know much about football.

      Anyway’s congrats to Ansonia on their #1 ranking, looking forward to next year at this point. I’d be very interested in seeing a predicted Top 10 for 2014. My prediction is the SCC returns to form, lead by Hand, Prep, and Xavier who all return very strong teams.

    • Hawk says

      Southington probably had the most cupcake schedule in the state this year. But they did beat a prep team who played 8 top 15 teams this year. Cupcake schedule with a all around good game from all three phases last night.

  10. C.A. says

    TO Tom: Reilly, FCIAC ??? I’d give yuo a little credit if you said SCC. Once again, thoses schools get a couple good kids in a class and they win, but when that class graduates, you play .500 footbal for the next few years until another good class of players arrive. A great program wins every year.
    I know it’s only pre-season, but Ansonia lines up West Haven, Shelton, Xavier to make sure they prepare for the regular season.

  11. Matt B says

    So I heard that Ansonia is giving a special award and a championship ring to Seymour’s kicker, because without those 2 missed field goals against a 6-5 team, they wouldn’t even be top 5.

  12. RAY BROWN says



  13. Hannibal Barca says

    Ansonia #1 is a travesty.

    Creampuff schedule. They beat 15 elementary schools.

    No one would pick 14-0 Wisconsin Whitewater over 11-1 Alabama. No one.

    Meanwhile, New Canaan defeated 8 ranked opponents.

    Sorry, Charger-nation, New Canaan is #1.

      • Hannibal Barca says

        What are you reading, Ray? See Spot Run? The Little Engine That Could? You purport to know a lot about football. Do you honestly think that team would defeat New Canaan? LOL. You’re a good supporter of your team, but completely unobjective when it comes to football.

        When AHS stops playing Bedford Elementary School 15 times, tell us how good their O-line and 20 year old running back are.

        You played nobody and think you’re world beaters.

        Prove it against the big boys and then you’ll have a story. Until then, this is nothing less or more than a travesty.

    • IntheStands says

      New Canaan might have gotten #1, but they would have whined about having to go “all the way” to New Haven for the Walter Camp dinner. They would have asked to have the dinner moved to the New Canaan High School cafeteria.

  14. RAY BROWN says


    new caanan

    the next best thing to being no.1, is watching SCC get shutout——sorry cant vote 3 loss teams in top 10



  15. Casual High School Football Fan says

    Seems like 2013 was the FCIAC’s year in High School football…..

    - Two state championships (New Canaan in Class L and St. Joe’s in Class M)
    - 3 FCIAC teams in the final New Haven Register top 5 (New Canaan #2, St. Joe’s #3 and Darien #5)
    - And a clear FCIAC victory in the 2013 FCIAC vs. SCC Challenge (despite predictions to the contrary)

    Last year was the SCC’s year (three state championships) and the SCC Boosters filled all the blogs with their comments about “year to year SCC superiority”.

    What do you SCC Boosters have to say about their “superior” SCC Football this year? You’re very quiet…..

    • FauxRealism says

      Hey Casual Fan, you should become a more serious fan. One year does not a trend make. (Off the top of my head, feel free to fact check) The SCC won 9 titles in previous 4 years, and since the league was created, has won more titles than any other league. That’s only the start…

      The real reason the SCC is the best is because its unique scheduling policy creates the greatest number of premier matchups… it’s fair and its fun. Undeniable. Even better, the SCC features great parity from year to year, so anyone could be playing for a title (by comparison, other leagues have their titles concentrated among a few dominant programs). 9
      of the 10 SCC Div 1 teams have played for a title… Only Wilbur Cross has missed out.

      Im glad the Fciac won the challenge, though, if the SCC had dominated then the Fciac would never have signed up for a repeat challenge.

    • says

      FauxRealism exactly!!!!!! If your name is Casual Fan it probably means that you shouldn’t speak at all. I’m sorry but you sound like what most Casual fans sound like Uninformed Idiots !!!! Sorry bro but Faux was right on the SCC dominates year in year out and you wanna bark cause of 1 down year. This is the first down year the conference has every had EVER!!!!!! No other conference can come close to saying the same. The funny thing is you don’t see ton of people knocking the SCC EXCEPT that booger Ray Clown because the know it’s only a matter of time before the BIG BOYS RELOAD and the SCC starts handing out beating again. So please watch what you say and and really be careful what you wish for.

  16. Fan says

    Weather is supposed to be good tomorrow…. Come on Ansonia, play NC for the wounded warriors program.

    What CIAC don’t know, don’t hurt.

  17. Bob Berlinger says

    I have played and coached at Ansonia High School. I have also coached at Shelton High School and just finished my 23rd year coaching high school football in North Carolina at five different high schools over the years. I currently coach at a high school that has 1800 students. I have coached against some of the best teams in North Carolina over the years. Just like Connecticut, here in North Carolina it is mandatory for us to play all of the teams in our conference. Fortunately, we only have seven teams in our league so we can schedule five non-conference games (we play 11 regular season games and play 5 rounds of playoffs to determine state champions). We try to schedule the best teams we can for our non-conference games. Ansonia cannot. Don’t you think they would if they could? They did in the 1970′s. They played Hillhouse a few years ago and this year they played Masuk. And they loved each and every opportunity to show what Ansonia football is all about. I had the fortune to see Ansonia play Rocky Hill in person a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest, from where I am in NC I had my doubts about Ansonia. I haven’t seen Ansonia play in person in over ten years. Have all of you? However, after seeing them play and standing alongside some of their players I can honestly say they are legit. I obviously did not get a chance to see New Canaan, Prep, St. Joseph’s, or Southington in person. However, Ansonia was one of the best teams I saw all year either in person or on film and I saw the best teams in North Carolina including Charlotte Mallard Creek which is ranked #11 in USA Today and Charlotte Catholic where Elijah Hood finished second in the nation to Arkeel Newsome in rushing yards. I believe you can have some success throwing the ball on Ansonia but good luck stopping Newsome. To hear that Coginchaug coach whine about one man beating him is laughable. You knew who was going to run the ball especially with him in the Wildcat formation and you still gave up almost 500 yards. Really? As an Ansonia alum I always wanted to play other teams. When I was in high school we scrimmaged Brian McMahon, Xavier, Wilbur Cross, West Haven, etc and beat all of them. We would not back down from anyone nor would I expect anyone to back down from us. In the end Ansonia will never be able to play the New Canaans, Cheshires (1990′s), Xavier, etc. We beat who is on our schedule. What more can you ask for? It is not the players fault, the coaches fault, the fans fault. It is what it is. Ansonia wins with class every year. In the end these are high school kids who give their all for their hometown high school. Whether it by Ansonia, New Canaan, Southington, etc, be excited for your school and the kids who make you proud to be a fan. As an Ansonia alum I am amazed and extremely proud of their accomplishments over the last 38 years for a school that has 500 students. 19 state championships, wow. My blood will always bleed Ansonia blue. Congratulations Coach Brockett and your staff for a great season!

    • Lem says

      Agree with you that Ansonia wins with class. Too bad these blogs are constantly hijacked by a few childish Ansonia “fans” whose ill-informed boasts and rants make the whole program seem bush league. So, yes, hooray for the players and coaches, boo to the nutty ALL-CAP bloggers.

    • Kevin says

      Teams like Hall, Xavier, Glastonbury only played 10 games this season while most everyone else played 11. Newtown won one game by forfeit. All LL teams – why not play one of them and earn some respect?

    • One who knows says

      Bob, as a former player of another program along the shoreline. We tried to play Ansonia and that would not play us. I guess the question is why can’t Ansonia play other teams like all the other teams do, this has been going on for over 30 years since I played. I think a lot of the doubt would be gone if they played a Xavier, West Haven, New Cannan, Hand or others.
      It truly is hard to argue, if they don’t play another programs in the state. It is not the school, the kids or the coaches fault. The schedule makers need to make it happen and need to stop making excuses. Have a great Christmas.

      • ter says

        when exactly did ansonia refuse to play anyone??? the nvl did not start allowing out of league games until a few years ago when derby and st. paul joined the league

  18. Michael Egan says

    At one time the CIAC did permit teams to go to a higher bracket, if memory serves me correctly. Ansonia was the only team to do so and was very respectful in the higher bracket. Some of the larger schools complained because of a smaller school knocking them out of the playoffs, so CIAC changed the rule because of the larger schools. Congrats to all the division winners and runnerups. Ansonia deserves number 1 overall ranking!

      • JonG says

        Wow, just heard about this site about CT sports, and have been reading these comments, and shaking my head. You do realize all this snarkiness is about HIGH SCHOOL football, right?? HIGH SCHOOL. Amazing…….

  19. Richie says

    Everyone you do realize the FSU quarterback who just won the Heisman trophy is the same age as Newsome right, so if you think being 1-3 years older than the kids your playing against means nothing than think again.

  20. genocat says

    What dont you sports writers get.Just because you go undefeted does not mean you are the best. New Cannan would have wasted the chargers if they played.

  21. Kevin says

    This poll is a joke. Southington #1, New Canaan #2, St. Joe’s #3, Ansonia #4, Prep #5, Darien #6, West Haven #7, Glastonbury #8, North Haven #9, Hand #10. I think Southington and New Canaan are interchangeable – couldn’t really say unless they played. Barmore was the most accurate passer I have seen all year and the moves Alex Jamele made after the catches last night were amazing. No question Southington, New Canaan and St. Joe’s would beat Ansonia if they played. I can’t believe they were voted #1 and I can’t believe Newtown was #10. North Haven would destroy them like Platt.

  22. mom says

    All of you get over it….All these boys practiced and played there ass off for months… no matter where they rank, they have made amazing memories they will take with them forever…while all of you will still be arguing!!

  23. Crocodile Devlin says

    Hey any one know who was voted Number 1 in the final poll. Please don’t tell me it was the Big Blue. These guys from the FCIAC are not going to sleep tonite. On another note I knew a guy named Lem from New Canaan. He went to Maryland and 2 joints later he was gone. Never to be heard of again. It was something about not being appreciated enough or so some say is sense of entitlement got in the way.

  24. Glb says

    What’s with all the hate on Antonia? Putting down there school system because you live in new Canaan. Sad, I am from Seymour and Ansonia is a bitter rival. I know Ansonia football because my father played there and I couldn’t ask for a better role model or father. Ansonia over the years have produced so many great players. From Ocieski to Coughlin to James lane,Luke Richmond, kiasky brothers the Antrum brothersPhil mrazik,Alex Thomas and all these players played high level college football and were great students. Don’t put down Ansonia football because your dad is some CEO or Hedge fund manager that doesn’t make you any better a person than me or a Ansonia kid. Get the best that ever played at Ansonia and do the same for New Caanan it wouldn’t even be close and that’s a sign of a program. God bless

    • Lem says

      Read carefully. No one hates Ansonia or “there” school system. They just don’t like the yahoos who come online and claim the Chargers are the second coming, while trashing all other teams, conferences, and programs. That bush league boasting is what draws all the disdain, not the hard-playing kids on the field. And this isn’’t some kind of class warfare, as you would have it. You think every kid from NC has a CEO or hedge fund dad? Just plain wrong. No one’s asking for “the best that ever played” to play each other, although it would have been good to see this year’s teams play a game.

  25. Keith Soldra says

    Somewhere in heaven Pop Shortell, Jack Hunt, Willis “Bubba” Greene, and the rest of the Ansonia faithful, who have come to pass, are smiling down on the small blue-collar town. God’s been an Ansonia, well, forever. “Why’s the sky blue and white?” Call it divine intervention. Call it luck. Call it karma. New Canaan wanted the torch. The Rams (with some help from Mike Quick) pounded their chests publicly. Well, ask and you shall receive. NC takes over the top spot. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Unfortunately, NC started to believe the hype and that head kept getting bigger and heavier. They got cocky. The throat slashing gestures after a tackle, the post TD antics (Johnny Manziel finger rubbing), the lack of respect for their opponents and the game in general. I blame the coaches for those antics. They allowed it. But, NC was rolling, they had it all, or at least they thought they did. Meanwhile, Ansonia did what they had done all season….worried about Ansonia. They didn’t talk about the polls, the win streak, going 15-0, history. All things out of their control. They remained grounded, focused, and humble. Good things come to those who wait. New Canaan, was “Jersey” good, until the message was sent on the Day of Thanks. KARMA?? Darien (blue and white) shocks the CTHSFB world….28-24. A mare 9-yards and some seconds away, NC trips over their egos. The greatest team ever to don those 3, 4, 5, 6 different Ram uniforms, were mortals once again. Ansonia too had their close call….Seymour. A game they shouldn’t have won, having turned the ball over six times. But like all great teams, they had some luck (thank you God), battled through adversity, and found a will to win that game. Football is a grind both physically and mentally, regardless of league or level of play. It takes a special group to go 15-0. Especially, high school kids. There are so many outside distractions. The newspapers, the blogs, the forums….they read them. It’s very difficult to keep teenagers from getting caught up in it. Ansonia stayed the course. They worried about themselves. Sure, they stumbled but they came through. New Canaan, got caught reading the press clippings, listening to Mike Quick, and pumping themselves up. It bite them. New Canaan is a very good team, but they LOST. They were fortunate to have an opportunity at redemption and a won a Class L title. Under the old playoff system, they’re out and not even in the conversation for #1. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Stay humble in victory and defeat. Ask the New Canaan players, to a man, if they’re satisfied with 14-1 and a Class L Championship. In the end Ansonia 2013 has the hardware and state history. They’re the first team to go 15-0 and secured their state best fifth #1 final ranking. New Canaan 2013 will be remembered as a very good 14-1 team, that won the Class L title, but came up short of expectations.

    Happy Holidays to all!!!

    • Hannibal_Barca says

      Until Ansonia stops playing Pop Warner or elementary school teams they don’t deserve to be #1. Being 15-0 is absolutely meaningless given their cream puff schedule. New Canaan defeated every team it faced (and 8 of them were ranked). Look, AHS is a fine program and the boys work hard, but we honestly believe their schedule prevents them from proving how good they are on the field. New Canaan is much easier to evaluate; they proved their skill on the field of play against tough competition, not in papers or on blog sites, and not against a slate of minor league ragamuffins.

    • Frank says

      Does your head fit through the door, because this post is loaded with Bull Crap. Most Valley folk don’t see the forest through the trees. It’s a big world out there, get out and see some other teams play. Ansonia plays an awful schedule.

  26. Obsever says

    New Canaan did lose. They also have a lot of victories, including four (4)!!! over other top ten teams.
    Darien, also a top 10 team in the polls, has two victories over teams on that list, and its only losses came from teams ton that list. Ansonia has only wins, but none over any of the teams on the list. In addition, none of the teams that Ansonia beat defeated any of the teams on the list. Zero. I wonder how many times that has happened in the history of these polls.

    I watched the Ansonia final game, and though they were an impressive team. But, as is usually the case, how impressive you look depends a lot on who’s out there playing against you.

    I truly am mystified by how lopsided the #1 voting was. It looks as though if there were no fairfield county voters in the mix, almost no one in the rest of the state would have voted for New Canaan. That speaks volumes, but not the way most seem to think. You can’t simply vote a “charity vote” or a sympathy vote for Ansonial that references their great history (this is supposed to be for this years team) and expect the poll to be taken seriously. Its supposed to be a football poll, but it seems to have something else mixed in with the voting (or at least into the comments on these boards) that ought not be there.

    • ciacfollower says

      during the brief stint when NC was ranked #1, I believed they were #1. But when they blew their home game at the Turkey Bowl to their proven inferior arch rival Darien, they clearly
      f@%#ed up their chance to finish the season ranked numero uno. They were a very seasoned, intelligent team that should of known better and dont tell me coach Lou could have prepared them better.

  27. Lem says

    Well, we’ve just learned that God is on Ansonia’s side. And they wonder why people laugh at them and their adorable schedule.

  28. Just Sayin says

    I agree with Keith Soldra in a lot of his assessments of the New Canaan team.
    Way too cocky and way too much trash talking on the field.
    All the ESPN crap needs to go away and the blame should fall squarely on the head coach.
    He should be in control of what goes on with his own players and he either doesn’t see it (doubt it), condones it ( probably not), or looks the other way ( most likely).
    And while he may not be in control of the multitude of uniform combinations, revolving helmet logos, personalized towels, winter hats, etc., that the team owns, he can certainly control the look what we have attitude a little better rather than throw it in the face of other teams.
    Shouting at the opponent as they enter the locker room at halftime- no class.
    That being said, in my opinion, and it’s how I personally feel about polls, the #1 team in the poll should be able to beat the #2 team if they were to play each other.
    When Platt was ranked in the top ten and North Haven was somewhere around 18, did the media actually believe that Platt could win that game? If so, they don’t know high school football very well, and if they don’t think they can win that game, vote accordingly.
    You can’t vote a team based solely on their record. Can they beat the team behind them in the polls?
    Having seen New Canaan and Ansonia play this year I can say I would root for Ansonia to win against the cocky look at me Rams every time. But having seen them both play, New Canaan wins that game every time.
    So who do you vote #1? 15-0 or the team that would win head to head? Seems obvious.

      • Hannibal_Barca says

        What happened to (I’m paraphrasing), “if NC runs the table in the playoffs after their loss to Darien, the pollsters will do the right thing and pick them over Ansonia,” Sean?

        Look, that team didn’t beat anyone. They wouldn’t go unbeaten in FCIAC or the SCC. Who’s kidding who here? If New Canaan, winner over 8 ranked teams and battle hardened as a result, played Ansonia, NC would be favored, maybe heavily favored. That’s no way to end a state title poll; it’s a travesty. This is in no way to disparage AHS; it’s boys and it’s staff do a terrific job, but they played NOBODY and that should be rationale that can stand on its own as a real, legitimate, insurmountable impediment to a #1 ranking.

        Pollsters may be experienced, but they’re certainly not infallible as this miscarriage of justice shows. A lesson learned for next year, perhaps, or another step along the road to continuous improvement. :-)

        That said, thanks for a great new blog this season, Sean. Despite the final judgment, you guys did a good job. An “A” drops to a “B+” based on the shoddy results in the final poll.


          • Hannibal_Barca says

            I’ll find it. I believe it was one of the moderators saying that The polls would self correct if a one loss L or LL school was pitted against Ansonia. Will check. Best, HB

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Knowing how the poll has voted traditionally over the years, I don’t recall thinking that would happen.

      • A Little Knowledge Needed to Vote On Poll says says

        This was not direct Post about you or Ned but for the general body of voters.Ansonia was voted #1 most likely because they were undefeated.You cannot base your vote STRICKLY on record.Most Voters I have talked with and listened to have voiced that same exact reason for voting them #1.My view of it is they were 15-0 against a very soft schedule{Woodland is not a top #20 team} and they pass the “eye” test against much inferior teams.Now comes Ansonia’s resume and it is totally empty of quality wins.Now the ball is your court and explain why you voted them #1.

  29. Matt Glaszmattglasz says

    Two things surprised me with the final Top Ten poll; the fact that Middletown was ranked so high and that the New Canaan-Ansonia vote wasn’t even close.

    Middletown is a very good team and had a wonderful season, but they didn’t have a single regular season win against a top 25 team. They handled New London (23rd) in their rematch, avenging their earlier loss to the Whalers, and played well against Darien, but in my opinion 7th is too high and I would put them behind both West Haven and Glastonbury.

    With regards to the #1 vote, I think New Canaan is easily the best team in Connecticut this year. With the exception of the Seymour game Ansonia couldn’t have done more with their schedule. They have an outstanding program and are far and away the best team in the NVL and Class S.

    However, I think any of the Top 15 teams in the state would have been undefeated if they played Ansonia’s schedule. Also, I think the Chargers would have at least 1 loss (and likely more) if they had played the schedule that New Canaan, Fairfield Prep, Darien or West Haven played. I also don’t think they would have won Class LL, L or M.

    I see very little difference between Ansonia and a team like Platt. Both have incredibly talented running backs with dangerous running quarterbacks, big offensive lines and very athletic and fast defenses. Both played a schedule of Class S and M teams with one only Class L school. Both were dominant in nearly every game they played and each had one close win (Seymour and Bloomfield respectively). The only difference is Ansonia, rightfully so, played in the Class S playoffs, while Platt played in the much more difficult Class L bracket.

    Now, I do think the Chargers are better than Platt, but my point is that we’ll never really know how good this Ansonia team is because they just haven’t played against very good teams. I understand why voters would put Ansonia #1. After all, they are the only undefeated team left in the state. However, considering New Canaan’s body of work and how they played in the Class L playoffs I would have, at least, expected the vote to be much, much closer.

    • Willie says

      You are being polite sir.
      Middletown had a wonderful season sans Xavier. And hats off to them.
      That said, Middletown did not beat a single good team. Full stop. And that they are in the top ten rather than say NH and within spitting distance of prep shows what a joke this poll is.just lobbying.
      I challenge any journalist in this poll to write and publish a story entitled “this is why Ansonia is the best hs football team in conn”

  30. Obsever says

    Here’s a way to assess the voting. Suppose that the teams were reversed. Let suppose that New Canaan were a class S school and played Ansonia’s schedule this year with the exact same scores and results, and Ansonia played New Canaan’s schedule and had exactly the same results. Is there anyone who thinks that the voting in that hypothetical would be 21-7 for first place with New Canaan winning for having gone unbeaten against that schedule? And Ansonia coming in a distance second because they stumbled against Darien on Thanksgiving?

    I don’t think the vote would be the same. It’s not an objective vote….people are people…..but reversing the situation and deciding if you would vote the same way is a good way to reflect on what is truly being voted.

  31. JJ says

    Good team, but they don’t deserve it. Plus I don’t think they would beat any of the other state champs. Not even St. Joe’s who New Canaan beat twice. Not deserving at all. The writers need to grow some cojones….(not the women)…lol

  32. ValleyFalls1 says

    A little research shows that this controvery is not new. There have been only 2 1 loss teasm voted number since the CIAC playoffs began: Stratford in 1988 and New Btritain in 2001. You have to go back to 1970 for the 9-1 Stamford team. In 1988 and 2001 there were no undefeated teams in the top 10 at the end of the season. So there is ample precident for the vote this year. Like all boxers know, win in the ring, don’t put it in the hands of the judges. In this case, win your games! Whoever you are playing. Win them convincingly, win them with class, win them changing uniforms and helmets every quarter if you need to, but win them. Take the #1 ranking seriously, once you get there, never let it go. New Canaan let it go on the field. With all that said; Ansonia over New Canaan 35-31.

    • willie says

      yes the 9-1 stamford team was voted number one in the media polls. and for those historians in the crowd, the number one stamford team lost one game, to prep on thanksgiving 14-6 on a last minute goal line stand. prep was also 9-1 and voted 3 in the media poll because-and this was the reason given- prep played a weaker schedule than stamford and lost to a weaker team. You can look it up as they say. think about that for a minute, girls. these were the days when strength of schedule meant something.

  33. Rumpelstiltskin says

    Ansonia would most definitely not go undefeated in the SCC-D1 every season. But to say Ansonia couldn’t spank New Canaan, Darien, Southington this season is a farce. #1 in the State. Deal with it. And yes, they’re from the Naugatuck Valley League!

  34. Crocodile Devlin says

    When did all this change? It used to be that the underdog was the little guy. The David vs Goliath if you will. Now bigger is always better. In this case it’s obvious that Ansonia is rewarded for who they are. The anonymous kids who go out and play whoever is in front of them. Who’s only financial support comes from the blue collar workers they represent. The only uniforms they wear are usually two years old. They don’t go to far away camps to hone their skills. The best quality they have is that they believe. Come see them, you would too.

  35. jonnybaccala says

    The bottom line is every year we will be having the same debate because it will be very difficult for ansonia to lose. If newsome did not play the past three years ansonia would still have a 43 game winning streak. What if capital prep was somehow not eligablle for this years tourney and finished the season undefeated. According to the media they should be in the top two.

  36. Danny says

    If Newsome didn’t play this year they definitely are not undefeated they probably lose to Woodland and Seymour without a doubt even though Seymour kept him under 150 yds and missed two field goals and did all that without a legitimate quarterback and kicker. If Ansonia plays NC 10 times I think they would win 3 of them and if they played a full scc/fciac schedule they would have those 7-3 8-2years once in a while.43 in a row wouldn’t happen or it would have been done by one of the programs here already.

  37. 300 Spartans says

    Unless you’ve been around it you’ll never truly understand. Honestly I wouldn’t expect them to, it’s an Ansonia thing.

  38. ray brown says


    • Sikorski says

      Hey, I support the Ansonia program, and any program that gets high school boys to work together and achieve. I just don’t support your particular brand of idiocy, Mr. Brown. Your stomping and puffing and chest-pounding and screaming and trash talking on blogs are something no high school player would ever aspire to. I’ve heard some Chargers are embarrassed for you.

      • RAY BROWN says


        • Sikorski says

          Didn’t say Charger fans are embarassed for you. It’s the players I’ve heard who think your childish remarks reflect poorly on their team and its many accomplishments. Which is interesting, since MOST of them are still teenagers. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

  39. ter says

    the bottom line is this, New Canaan had the #1 ranking and they laid an egg on thanksgiving. great teams dont lose that game…. especially when u show 2 weeks later you were 40 points better than said team. win that game and you finish in the top spot no ifs ands or buts….but as it goes in all polls/power rankings when you lose you drop.

    • wave says

      NC was in no way, shape, or form 40 points better than Darien. I mean first of all, they beat them by 30 with 3 TDs in the last 5 or 6 minutes of the game. They’re in all probability a better team, but not by nearly that much.
      Second of all, those conditions greatly favored NC. Darien won the first game due in large part to the speed of the defensive front 7, something which is basically negated in the snow. NC o-linemen outweighed Darien d-linemen by an average of 40 lbs, something which is crucial in the snow, allowing them to kind of push the front 7 around. That’s something they couldn’t do at all in normal conditions. One of the key parts of NC’s front 7 is that they are very big, which in that kind of game plays a huge role.
      And finally, Wyper and Lombardo had both sprained their MCLs (Wyper sprained his meniscus too) in the Hand game, so neither of them were very healthy at that point.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Haha. Guilty! You’re right, let’s bring in some real qualified people. A few doctors, lawyers. They’ll figure this out. Damn shame, because I went to a half-way decent school. :/

  40. GO NOLES!! says

    Looks like the entitled folk from the Gold Coast are starting to get ugly because they didn’t get their way. They cannot seem to understand why a STATEWIDE poll of writers didn’t agree with the intelligentsia of Fairfield County!

    Anyway, I sure as hell hope you DID screw off in college. I’d think less of you if you didn’t! I screwed off as often as I could and still ultimately got through medical school Go figure!

    And it is ceaselessly entertaining to see posters get all lathered about RAY BROWN! I know who he is, and a guarantee that most of what he writes is more to get a rise out of overly sensitive fans . . . and it works! The fish keep taking the bait!

    Anyway Sean, your wouk is stellar and greatly appreciated. This a fun blog that is better than ever. Let’s just keep it all in perspective.

    Merry Christmas to all! And have a healthy and happy 2014!!

    Merry Christmas to all! And have a helathy and happy 2014!!

    • says

      Let Ray enjoy his number 1 ranking! He should be proud of all that talent that comes out of Ansonia,or nearby cities that they can find apartments for.Be proud Ray! Anything for a ring,not the right way just anyway.

  41. Matt says

    Ray l’m sure your son is embarrassed by all your bravado and boasting so why not give it a rest now and not think it’s about you because we all know you had no part in them winning any games. When my kid played and believe me we won a lot of games, he would have been real upset if I was acting like you do. Show a little class Ansonia had a great year so what . 3yrs from now nobody will even remember them outside their families so enjoy and not make it the biggest accomplishment they have in their whole lives.

    • fred tlaoon says

      MATT, all Ray wants for xmas is two more Waterbury kids under is tree.Maybe they can live with Ray if there’s no more room at the coaches place?

  42. Willie says

    Well the season is over and it has been a lot of fun.
    This would be my wish for next year. Sean, Pucci are you listening. I think you have done great things for conn Hs football. And have a lot of respect for you.
    This is what I would like to see.
    A feature by any of the journalists who voted for Ansonia as number 1 entitled ” this is why Ansonia is the best team in conn.”
    Sean, Pucci you guys get first dibs on this.
    Easy story eg small town, s team, great history, great program…
    Could you write this for us?
    Do we have any takers among the journalists? Please write this story for us. It would be enlightening for those who can’t connect the dots.

  43. Gribbs says

    Why doesn’t someone write a story how Ansonia cheats at high school football and has been for years. A good example is Newsome who is 19 yrs old playing against sophomores in the Woodland game who are 15 years The real funny thing is he’s being treated like a star because he stayed back in grammar school twice. Can’t wait to see how this story ends.

    • wave says

      You’re allowed to play as long as you didn’t start the season at the age of 20. I’m sure there are quite a few 19 year olds who are playing in Connecticut. It doesn’t look like it even matters, just look at his sophomore season when he was not 19…

      • says

        No he was 17 which for a soph is ridiculous!!!!! There are kids who have late bdays who play their senior year at 16-17 and kids are staying back multiple times on purpose. Here’ s an idea GO TO PREP SCHOOL if your not ready don’t stay back 5-6 times to get the free ride. I would love to see some of these kids grades and throw in the school work they do as well. I can only Imagine what we would see

        • ter says

          you cant stay back on purpose in high school dumb dumb, you get 4 years of eligibility from the day u enter high school.

  44. Footfall fan says

    Guys give it up it’s done and over. No reporter should have to write about why he voted. Jealous is a killer.

    • Willie says

      Football fan -it is of course over. And I have no ill will towards Ansonia or their great running back. They have had a great season as have a number of other teams.At the same time, it seems like a perfectly reasonable request to ask a sports writer eg pucce or Sean to write a story explaining why Ansonia should be number one. Why not? They are sports writers. This is what they cover. They vote.And apparently the question of why Ansonia is number one has engendered more debate than any other single matter in conn high school football. And apparently the answer is not self evident …..but as an Ansonia fan you view the mere request for an explanation from a journalist as insulting. So seems like a reasonable request to me. Note I did not say easy request.

  45. Gribbs says

    The age difference thing is huge, a good example is this manzel and the Fsu qb won the heisman at 19 and we have the statistically best RB in the history of football right here in our football hotbed of a state destroying rushing records and nobody is recruiting him?

    • wave says

      Then why was he doing this exact same thing two years ago?…
      The reason he’s not being recruited is because he’s not all that physically talented: undersized and his speed isn’t the best, not to mention the terrible competition.

      • ter says

        they won the heisman at 19 playing against 21 and 22 year olds… the argument works both ways gribbs. he was the best player in the state at 17 and 18 as well…. its not like he just started dominating when he turned 19, which im sure he is the only 19 year old player in the state btw

        • says


          I hate to break it to you but he wasn’t the best player in the state then and he’s not the best player now. College coaches could care less about stats they mean nothing when they are scouting a player. He was not recruited by a lot of programs either. Your talking about a area that you have no idea about none. Let it go and drop it before someone calls you on it and you can’t answer.

  46. GO NOLES!! says

    Wow! The bitterness, venom, and envy expressed by the likes of “Willie” and “Gribbs” is certainly conrary to the spirit of the season. And the disparagement of the intellect, character and accomplishments of the greatest running back Connecticut (and one of the best ever in the country) has ever seen is simply pathetic. I had assumed that reasonably mature adults posted on this blog. I was wrong.

    Every season there are a number of boys who turn 19 in their senior season around the state. This is not a noteworthy fact,and Newsome, like the others, falls within the CIAC age restrictions. Not to mention that Newsome was also the leading rusher in the state and country two years ago, when at 17 he competed against 18- and 19-year olds.

    Gribbs, Newsome has verbally committed to our D-1 state university. Care to count the number of Connecticut RB’s recruited to D-1 schools over the last several years? Hint: you won’t need to use your toes.
    How about supporting the kid, instead of ripping him. I hope your life is not truly as miserable as your posts. Have a HAPPY 2014!

    • fciac jr says

      Go Noles, yeah, like who turns 19? Most players are 17 and I am sure there are a few that are 19, but they have the extra advantage of maturity, strength, size, etc along with more confidence. That kid from Prep, Crowle, just turned 17 and is a sr. Could you imagine him in 2 years knocking people left and right with his running ability?

      Knowing some of the Prep, warde and ludlowe players from the days of PW, not one of them are 19 as seniors.

      If you can just name one or two that are playing as 19 year olds, you will be able to support your statement.

      • JC says

        Murphy is a 17 year old Soph (=19 year old senior) on the Prep basketball team. He also dropped in from California and school shopped in Ct before landing at Prep. He was practicing at NDFfld for a time. And their center is from Africa. Hand just had a 6 9 forward drop in from Detroit. I have a ton of respect for the tradition of Ansonia football. No Newsome doesn’t live in Ansonia and yes he is 19 but to think other schools and sports don’t do similar things is very naive. The NVL is not the SCC or the FCIAC and Ansonia wouldnt go undefeated in those leagues. Masuk had a similar advantage playing football in the SWC with onlt Newtown to contend with. Phillips is going D1 at Syracuse and ran the gauntlet every year in the SCC so it will be interesting to see how the 2 compare in college. I know I will be watching.

  47. JB says

    Arkeel needs to hit the weight room over the next two years … needs to add 25 lbs to compete at the next level. Has good speed, but has great feet and vision which you can’t teach. Just needs more bulk to make the tough yards consistently at the next level. Hope he commits to the journey and stays healthy – seems like a good kid and I wish him huge success at UConn.

  48. Richie says

    Is there a way to find out how many 19 yr olds are playing this year from the ciac ? That would be very interesting to see since all the Ansonia people seem to think it’s a normal practice, and I would bet it’s under 10 in the whole state.

  49. GO NOLES!! says

    fciac jr-

    You are a master of stating the obvious. Of course most players are 17, with a portion turning 18 the fall of their senior year. Then there are a minority of players who stayed back at some point in thier scholastic experience who are 18 at the start of their senior seasons, and may turn 19 during the course of that year. They are eligible per CIAC guidelines.

    Do I know how many such players there were across the state? Of course not. I am not privy to that information; neither are you.But I guarantee there are a number of similarly aged players across the state.

    I’m glad that your elite scholar-athletes in Fairfield and the FCIAC never stayed back. But there is a real world outside of the Gold Coast.

    Finally, when Newsome was 17, he STILL led the stste and country in rushing. Go figure!

    • says

      It is extremely rare for a player to perform his senior year of HS at 19. Especially if you are a big time recruit. The only person off the top of my head is Jimmy Clausen of ND but then again were not talking a big time recruit here. Gotta know the game fellas

      • GO NOLES!! says

        Stan Kawalski-
        You have established yourself as a hater. Now you are declaring yourself a recruiting expert!
        Too funny!!

        Anyway, I am out of this increasingly ridiculous discussion.
        Thanks again, SPB!
        Happy 2014 everybody! Even you, Stanley!

  50. dtreat says

    Keith,Ray,Noles,Ter and all other Ansonia backers.You talk about this great tradition and these great Ansonia players but the two best players on your team you got from Waterbury and they live in a coaches apartment.And just three years ago your best player was from Hamden and your head coach picked him up for school everyday. That’s something to be proud of.Any fan who thinks this is what
    high school football is about just doesn’t get it.So I guess theres not enough talent in Ansonia so you guys go out and find it.

  51. GO NOLES!! says

    Go build and support a program with a great tradition and a stable, outstanding coaching staff that kids want to play for. ;)

    Kids have been transferring to programs (in all sports) where their talents can be nourished and developed for eons-both public and private programs. Deal with it.

  52. dtreat says

    nole! your saying that other schools take kids from other cities and put them up in houses owned by coaches on staff and they put family members on the staff.What other head coach in Ct. picks up a kid from another city and brings him to school.PATHATIC!!!!!

  53. Pat McGroin says

    I’ve waited… I’ve cried… Ultimately I tip my hat to the one and only Ansonia. People will say inside of the state that Ansonia has an easy schedule, however it’s a schedule they win. We should be proud that Connecticut boasts a program like Ansonia, we can all brag about them and their accomplishments as a program to others outside of the state.

    Here are my concerns…. MaxPreps isn’t accurate, their reporters don’t see all the games as ours do in state. However, their reporters have no ties or relations to any teams as some reporters do in the state of CT.

    Calpreps is a long lasting site for hsfootball in the country. In the south, and in the west, Calpreps is the source for hs football and it’s legtimate. So in CT – choose to believe, or not to believe – just know that this site is used widely and is legitimate, and is also highly used.

    Those two sites take the strength of schedule to determine state and league rankings, and the wins and loses of the teams… I guess that’s not legitimate… cough cough that’s what everything should be based off. If we didn’t do it this way, we could have San Jose State vs. UCONN for a National Championship one year….

    Do the projections yourself… NC 40 – Ansonia 27 on a neutral field

    PS – the rumor is that NC will be open week 6 in 2014 dropping Chicopee (Chicopee wanted no more so I’ve heard)

    Ansonia – Connecticut dares you. For once, in a regular season game – make your mark.

  54. Hannibal Barca says

    Ansonia may as well have gone 0-0. They didn’t play anybody; Southington, St. Joe’s, and New Canaan did. Look, I’m not saying the pollsters are personally anything less than stellar, smart, nice people; their poll decision, however, beggars belief. There’s no evidence – not a shred, if the team’s performance against a top ranked opponent is concerned – to warrant naming AHS #1 this year.

  55. dtreat says

    I would love to see why someone would pick Ansonia over Rams.
    Resumes: Ansonia
    1.beat not one top 20 team
    2.21 to 20 against a 6 lose team,and needed two missed fg’s
    3.not impressive in states:49-21 vs a Coginchug team that got beat 61-14 by valley reg. and lost 62 to 35 to Morgon.
    3b.Beat a Rocky Hill team 49 to 27 which was a 13 point game in 3rd qt. a Rocky Hill team that got pounded by 33 by Platt.
    New Canaan:beat(blew out) Hand,Staples,st.joes (reg season game)and Greenwich.
    Lost to a top 5 team 6 days after they beat another top 5 team.
    States:two shutouts.
    ;Farmington 46-0, North Haven 17-0,and with the same rest as Darien this time 44-12.
    Coginchug,Rocky Hill and Woodland vs Farmington,North haven and Darien no contest on who had the toughest sch.
    Ansonia gave up 60 in states Rams 12
    Who was more impressive? You have to take in consideration the sch.

    • ter says

      dont lay an egg on thanksgiving and u stay #1… great teams win that game…. if you cant get up for a thanksgiving day game against your biggest rival you dont deserve the #1 rank.

  56. ValleyFalls1 says

    Guys, grow up and get a life. Things are as they are for this year; done, finished, fertig, finito, esiphelele, fini, kaput, the fat lady sang :). Controversial? Yes! Different than some other years? Nope!

    You can waste your time rehashing the past, or you could assist in working to improve the way Connecticut executes the high school football season. Lots there to talk about: 50 point rule, 1st game start dates, cross class scheduling, cross conference scheduling, Thanksgiving day games, number of games in the season, CIAC playoff sites, CIAC championship site(s). Aan……….we still need to know if football is played on other planets, or we are alone in the universe.

    Live in the present and work the future, or things will just pass you by :)

    That being said, Happy New Year to all!

    Go Lavender, Go Blue, Go Chargers!

  57. dtreat says

    Vallyfalls 1, i’m with you.They should also have a rule that a kid can’t go to school where he doesn’t live.Or do they all ready have that rule? Just the chargers don’t obey Go chargers! BIG JOKE

    • ksoldra says

      Turner Baty ring a bell. Moved to New Canaan, D1 recruit, led them to a state title.

      It happens everywhere including the FCIAC. Are you that naive? High school basketball and football around the country are littered with transfers searching for an opportunity to make a name for themselves and get a scholarship. If they set up residency, which Newsome and McKnight, did. They guardian pays rent, who cares who the landlord is. It’s not illegal. In fact, don’t you think if a high-profile football school like Ansonia was doing anything the CIAC would look into it. Who are you to judge? Newsome earned himself a free education at a top public university. You’re on a blog, hiding behind a screen. If it was your kid, wouldn’t you want them in a position to succeed. Would you have stayed in Waterbury? Ansonia may not be great but I think his parents made the right decision. I question whether your’s did, since you continue to bash a kid that is looking to better himself.

  58. says

    High Profile Football School!!! BAAAAHHHHAAAAABAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!! Are you for real clown!!!! This guy thinks its Friday Night Lights!!!! Hey Riggans!!!! Now Ansonia is USC what a joke. High profile school. Dude you must have loved HS. Wow that was funny High Profile Ansonia. Pretty soon the players will be coming to practice in Ferrari’s and doing a reality TV show. ” Keeping up with the Chargiathians” Are you kidding me? He had to have played for AHS to make that kind of comical statement and actually believe it. That’s the funniest part. Hey at least you will have Bruce Jenner coming over to Big Blue to suit up. High Profile!!!! BAHHHAAABBAHHHAAA I gotta go. Kawalski OUT.

  59. dtreat says

    KSoldra, not bashing kids,just pointing out how Ansonia wins year after year since 80′s.Im sure theres other kids that transferred and didn’t happen to move into coaches apartment.They just didn’t have the talent the two Waterbury kids have.And does all your transfers relatives get to go on coaching staff.And please tell me you think it’s o.k. for a kid to live in Hamden and be your best player 3 years ago.And if you say its not true then the person who actually works in school system is not telling the truth,when he says he used to see your head coach bring him to school. I guess not enough talent in your town?

    • ter says

      the kid you are talking about is montrell dobbs and he was not from hamden. montrell was in the ansonia school system from the time he was in first grade…. i guess brockett really had some great foresight to get him in that early… long before he was even coaching or teaching in ansonia…… gotta recruit these kids at the age of 5 or 6 if u wanna have a shot i guess

      • dtreat says

        Ter,sorry took time to get back to you but had to make sure facts where correct.And lets end with this.This is about your program not the kids,I don’t blame kids, just the actions of your adults in the program of what they will do to win.You’re right that the kid was in Ansonia school system, till hes family moved to Hamden before he hit High School.So your play on words of him not being from Hamden only meens he didn’t grow up there,but him and his family lived and lives there now.I think it was smart for you guys to atleast find a place for your players now,Your head coach must be saving a lot of gas money. End it.You can’t argue with facts. done.

        • ter says

          im sorry that your ansonia football fact checker took so long to get back to you. sorry to say you were given incomplete facts or you just neglected to post the whole story. Montrells mother moved to Hamden during his senior season. He stayed with his cousins so he could finish school in ansonia, as im sure any kid would have wanted to do. He also played basketball for Ansonia and I know the basketball coaches were not picking him up in Hamden everyday…. also ur taking days to dig up “facts” on a 2 loss ansonia team that didnt win a state championship, thats kind of sad… sorry to say

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