2014 New Haven County All-Area Baseball Team

John Amendola
Notre Dame-West Haven, Sr., P

  • Stats: Went 10-3 with four saves, a 0.77 earned run average, 65 strikeouts and just 10 walks in 84 innings pitched.
  • Honors: All-SCC Quinnipiac Division and NHR All-State selection, as well as the team MVP.
  • Off the field: Member of both the Spanish Honor Society and the Spanish Club.
  • Up next: Will play baseball at Northeastern University.

Lou Kessler
Notre Dame-West Haven, coach

Scott Braren
Hand, Sr., CF

  • Stats: Batted .516 with a .998 slugging percentage, .631 on-base percentage, 29 RBIs and four home runs.
  • Honors: He was All-CHSCA and  All-SCC Hammonasset Division selection.
  • Up next: He will play baseball at Boston College.

Sean Bonaparte
Ansonia, Sr., P/1B

  • Stats: Had a 2.03 ERA, struck out 81 batters in 58 innings and at the plate he only struck out twice in 76 at-bats while batting .276.
  • Up next: Will play at Newberry College in Boston.

Sebastian DiMauro
Amity, Sr., OF/P

  • Stats: Batted .310 with 29 runs scored, 28 hits, 25 stolen bases, 17 RBIs and on the mound had six saves with 21 strikeouts and a 1.27 ERA.
  • Honors: All-SCC Housatonic, NHR All-State second team and CHSCA All-State selection.
  • Up next: Will play at the University of Hartford.

Nick Fusco
Amity, Sr., P

  • Stats: Went 9-3 with a 1.53 ERA, 44 strikeouts and 17 walks in 73 innings and won three out of the five Class LL state tournament games for Amity.
  • Up next: Will play baseball at Trinity.

Brandon Ginnetti
Hamden Hall, Jr., P/1B

  • Stats: On the mound he went 7-0 with a 1.80 ERA and at the plate he batted .431.
  • Honors: All-Fairchester Athletic Association selection.
  • Off the field: At 6-foot-2, he also played defensive end for the Hornets.
  • Up next: Will play football at Syracuse.

Laurence Hill
Xavier, Sr., IF

  • Stats: Batted .363 with 22 runs scored and 21 stolen bases.
  • Honors: Was a CHSCA All-State selection and was the Ed Marocco Most Outstanding Player of the SCC tournament championship game.
  • Up next: Will play baseball at Fairfield.

Kevin Johnson
Law, Sr., P

Nicholas Kuzia
Seymour, Sr., P

  • Stats: Struck out 64 with 12 walks and collected six complete game shutouts in 80 innings of work.
  • Honors: All-NVL and a CHSCA All-State selection.
  • Off the field: Also plays soccer and is a member of the National Honor Society.
  • Up next: Will play at UMass.

Nick Lamberti
East Haven, Sr., SS/P

  • Stats: Had a .450 batting average with 31 hits, 18 RBIs and a home run.
  • Honors: All-SCC Oronoque Division selection.
  • Off the field: Also played basketball.
  • Up next: Will play baseball at UConn.

Joe Lord
Hamden Hall, Sr., OF

  • Stats: Batted .446 with an on-base percentage of .556 and a slugging percentage of .886.
  • Honors: All-Fairchester Athletic Association selection.
  • Off the field: Also All-FAA selection in football and hockey.
  • Up next: Will attend Quinnipiac.

Ronnie Rossomando
Bunnell, Jr., P

Dan Schock
Cheshire, Sr., CF

  • Stats: Batted .423, had an .807 slugging percentage, 33 hits, 29 RBIs and eight home runs.
  • Honors: Team MVP, NHR All-State selection, All-SCC Housatonic Division pick and chosen to play in the Senior All-Star Game.
  • Off the field: Peer Health Educator and YMCA aftercare counselor.
  • Up next: Will play baseball at Sacred Heart.

Kevin Stone
Fairfield Prep, Jr., P/OF

  • Stats: Batted .355 and on the mound went 8-1 with 1.98 ERA.
  • Honors: All-SCC Quinnipiac Division selection.
  • Off the field: Does community service at the Boys and Girls Club in Stamford.
  • Up next: Will head into senior year receiving interest from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Dartmouth.

Jake Walkinshaw
Seymour, Sr., P/SS

  • Stats: Batted .454 with 44 hits, 33 runs scored, 30 RBIs and seven doubles. On the mound, he struck out 79 batters, walked 15 and had a 0.79 ERA in 79 innings.
  • Honors: All-NVL and CHSCA All-State selection.
  • Off the field: National Honor Society and DECA.
  • Up next: Will play at Southern New Hampshire University.


  1. Burt says

    Wow! All I have to say is these honors mean nothing. .363…….. Are you kidding me?? Too bad for the players who deserve.

    • Ernie says

      if you were ever athletes or understand what it takes to be one you wouldn’t be leaving comments like this. All great players including the ones that didn’t get selected. Why take the time to cut on the ones that made it. Be a man and about it, be an example.

  2. Typical says

    How many kids hit .310 this year?
    Last seen this kid was being warned by an umpire in a Legion game to stop looking at his phone in center field or he would be thrown out. Maybe a major league team was texting to see if he wants to forgo college? No respect for the game.

  3. Larry D says

    Sad that you have tried to destroy the good work and accomplishments of these fine players because a player you feel should be on this list instead of your .363 batter isn’t. I am a proud ND supporter. I saw many of these players this year and can attest to their talents (5-2 win against Stone and Prep – a 1-0 loss against Amity and Fusco – a 5-2 win against Cheshire and Schock – and a 3-2 win and 2-1 loss against Xavier( Hill who has an amazing glove). We had great wins and a few losses at the hands of these players and pitchers listed. Don’t hate because one player didn’t make it. Would it be a great list if he did??? Nice job voters.

  4. Henry ChisholmHenry Chisholm says

    Obviously snubs happen, thats unfortunately going to happen when you can only pick a select number of players for a team. However, to say it means nothing because the guy you think should’ve made it diminishes the accomplishments of the guys who did. All of which are deserving and going on to play baseball at the collegiate level.
    I had to walk people through this at the end of basketball season, so allow me to guide you guys down, too. I believe in full disclosure. lol
    The team is picked based on the opinions of coaches and some stats. I send out ballots, coaches can vote for three of their players and three from other teams.
    It is increasingly difficult with the state of newspapers to get out and see all of these great talents, and still get out a paper full of box scores and a website with fresh content, so I have to go off what area coaches think for this team.
    Then I look at who has the most votes and if there are omissions I feel are glaring or guys I feel should make it, I make the changes. It’s a collaborative effort and I believe it has worked well. All the players on the team are deserving, were big for their teams, led teams to the playoffs and good season records, are going off to play college ball or all of the above.
    If you feel someone got snubbed, fine. But do not take away what these kids accomplished. They worked hard for it, they earned, they got it. #respect.

    • Typical says

      Henry, to get respect you have to give respect. The player I wrote about did what I said. Why? I wouldn’t want to fathom a guess. But I’m pretty sure The players on the other team and the umpire who saw it weren’t feeling #respected while he was doing it. Why would his coach allow it? Can’t fathom that either, but I do know he told the players on the opposing team that it was none of their business if his centerfielder was on his phone. That’s some good old fashioned coaching I guess. I didn’t watch this player all year so I have no idea if he’s the guy that should be All-Area. I do know that I wouldn’t vote for my own son if I thought he would behave this way on the field. I wouldn’t let him step on the field.

      • Nick Mirto says

        A grown man anonymously dissing an 18 year old kid in the comments section of an article celebrating the achievements of student athletes isn’t really qualified to talk about respect.

        Nick Mirto, Orange Post 127 assistant coach

        • Typical says

          So you’d be the coach who called a bunch of teenagers classless.
          You’d be the coach who told a bunch of teenagers, ‘ why don’t you try winning a game, then you can talk’.
          Wouldn’t you do better to tell an 18 year old it’s inappropriate to be on your phone in centerfield?
          I wouldn’t be posting my name if this was how I coached.

          • Nick Mirto says

            I told the kids to mind their own business after they yelled at our manager disrespectfully. I said something regrettable after which I apologized and had a productive conversation with two members of the opposing team. I made a mistake. As a team we made a mistake. Everybody moved on. No need for you to rehash that here because it is not relevant to this issue. Petty move by you.

            This isn’t about me. This is a comment section for an article about a group of talented young men including Mr.DiMauro (an extremely talented athlete and scholar) who you saw was deservedly given recognition for a sensational season. You, a grown man, felt a tinge of jealousy and demeaned a 18 year old kid in an article celebrating him. Not a good look. Not a good look at all.

            Nick Mirto

    • Mike says

      This is crazy, all this talk about who should of made it or not. Let me explain something to everyone on this forum. I am a college coach in a very successful baseball program. I come across players who were outstanding in high school who failed at to preform at this level. I also come across players who were not as great in high school who later on had a successful collegiate career. The main goal here is to get these young men an education that will carry them on for a lifetime. The sad part is PARENTS like to live through their children and use their accomplishments as a coffee table discussion like it’s some type of competition. These young men work very hard to get where they are today. People should be proud to see young men contributing successfully in this tough society today we live in. You all need to grow up and understand that theres more to life then an all area or all state selection. Harry nice job picking these boys I been to numerous amounts of games scouting and seen a majority of these kids play and they all hold a very strong character. They all play very very well and should feel in every which way accomplished.

  5. Dad of Hamden player says

    I’m happy someone watched my kid play ball. He is an outstanding ball player and that is all I need to know and see. Congrats to all the players!

  6. joe says

    Typical – You couldn’t be more on the money. One word – OVERRATED from day 1. All conference was questionable, but AllState? Come on……now All Area? Great year is based on .310 and closing games? wow….same ol stuff, year to year….

    • Nick Mirto says

      I’m no sabermetrician or anything but I do have some access to the Amity High School 2014 statistics via Gamechanger.com (a wonderful app that can be found on iTunes for free! You’re welcome.)

      Mr. DiMauro had a .442 on base percentage for best team in the state (leading to 27 runs scored). He had 18 steals in 20 attempts, played an elite defensive CF and was a shutdown closer. He also arranged for the catering for the team banquet and saved four stray kittens near the outfield fence between the third and fourth innings during playoff win over Fairfield Prep.

      As local legend Jim Calhoun once famously said, “Get some facts and come back and see me.”

      (…….and post your real name while doing so)

      Nick Mirto, Post 127 Assistant Coach

      • Typical says

        Actually, if you read what I said, I said I have no idea if he’s all area or not.
        I take issue with players who don’t understand that it’s disrespectful to be on a cellphone during a BASEBALL GAME. I also take issue with coaches who think it’s ok or funny.
        Why don’t you address your inappropriate comments made to the players on the opposing team?
        Why don’t you address why you think an assistant coach should be speaking to players on the other team at all?
        Why don’t you address why you let the player do what he did?
        And I don’t post my name because I don’t want some nut job hanging around outside my house some day.

        • Nick Mirto says

          Mr. Typical (if that is your real name),

          My above message was in reply to “joe”, another “Internet tough guy.”

          My comment above applies to the content of your message directly above, though.

          The situation has long since been handled and all relevant parties have long since moved on.

          I don’t think anybody would be waiting outside your house if you used your real name. The only kind of person that would conceivably stalk to that level would be a parent that went to the comments section of an article recognizing an 18 year old kid for his achievements…..

  7. Info...... says

    There are approx. 280 high school baseball teams in Connecricut. On average each team will have 3-5 that bat over .300. If you average 4, there would be 1,120 players who batted around your .310 player. Just saying….

  8. crimson crusader says

    These All-this and All-that teams have been controversial since the outset some 50 years ago. But don’t blame the kids who were selected. They did not vote. Congrats to those who made it and those who did not, you have to show some integrity and sportsmanship. Helping your team win and giving it all you have is as important as being an All-Star, because if you are an important part of your team, you actually are an All-Star despite not being documented by votes. Sometimes the so-called All-Stars are not as good as those who do not get recognized, but coaches appreciate those overlooked guys just as much because of their effort.

  9. The Truth says

    Amity’s starting lineup for the past two years could have made up all of these “All-state” and “All area” teams. Half these kids wouldnt even start for Amity. Bottom line

  10. Nick Mirto says

    Also, may I say wonderful job to all these student athletes! May all of you go on to have successful baseball and especially academic careers. That’s what this is all about, that is why we dedicate time to do this. Gametimect.com sets a high standard and I applaud the work that they do in terms of helping these kids gain the recognition that they deserve. The press certainly helps get the word out to potential colleges. Bravo!

    Anybody who anonymously posted anything negative about these kids…. you don’t get it

    Nick Mirto, Orange Post 127 assistant coach

    • Typical says

      Yeah, I’m sure the veterans down at Post 127 would view his actions and say, “Nick Mirto, he’s the man”.

      • ACL says

        If you posted your name and the people who knew you saw your comments on here, I am sure they would be just as proud.

        How do you put your head on your pillow at night? I am sick and tired of people like you who comment on this site that do nothing but spew negativity about HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES! This kind of bashing happens across all sports on this site and its sad. If you want to question the CIAC, the referees, the coaches, and/or whole teams, I’m fine with that. To call out a specific kid who has done nothing to you and deserves none of the venom being directed at him is plain wrong.

        Just because you are unhappy in your own life, don’t take it out on everyone else.

        This has to end.

        For the record, I don’t know ANY of the kids on the team, the coaches, etc. My son doesn’t even play baseball. I am a basketball coach and I am sick and tired of adults (term used loosely) feeling the need to pick apart the performance of young men and women who are playing for the love of the game, whatever that game may be.

        • Typical says

          ACL, He was on a CELLPHONE while playing centerfield. You don’t see anything WRONG with that?
          He was warned he would be thrown out of the game by the umpires. You don’t see anything WRONG with that?
          The assistant coach called the kids on the opposing team CLASSLESS. You don’t see anything WRONG with that?
          If HIS COACHES addressed it during the game instead of letting it go on it would be a non issue, but they didn’t. Hence the warning by the umpire.
          For the record I sleep fine at night and I really couldn’t care less what you are sick and tired of.
          This is my last word on this, you should be happy!

          • ACL says

            My post wasn’t about what the kid did or did not do. It was about a supposedly grown man, publically calling out a kid who may or may not have made a mistake that is typical of being a kid!

            Your screen name is perfect for you. A typical ‘has been’ athlete who for one reason or another never became what he thought he going to be and now can do nothing but point out the faults in others.

            Thank goodness this is your last word on this. I am thrilled that there will be one less person like you on this site. Good riddance.

      • Nick Mirto says

        We have a great relationship with the veterans down at Post 127, even going to historical learning events after the season. It’s always an awesome time. Our beautiful website may document our next visit and I’m planning on writing a couple comprehensive historical articles about Post 127 this offseason. Bookmark this: http://www.post127.com

        Typical, shoot me an email or text and I’ll arrange for you to come with us to our legion house after the season. (www.post127.com has my information) Perhaps we can give peace a chance over a beer. All this half anonymous sniping ain’t worth it, especially on a message board intending to celebrate the achievements of prep athletes!

        Have a great day and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

        -Nick Mirto

  11. Conn. baseball fan says

    This is in Response to (THE TRUTH) comments above…..I cannot beleive you would say half these kids wouldnt start at Amity…(.I got a feeling your son plays on Amity )….I have watched every single kid on this list play High School over the past couple years …..WITHOUT a DOUBT…..would be a starter at AMITY…..Take your blinders off ,so you can see other talent in state and not only your sons team…Every body thinks there kid is the best ,but geshhhh give some credit and stop being such a homer for Amity…there not the only team in conn. with TALENT…Sorry (The Truth) your kid didnt get picked…..

  12. Concerned Parent says

    Definition of a coach/Manager: As a manager, coaching is used to build strong team members so your team optimizes results. Definition of Nick Mirto: Looser

  13. Typical says

    Aaaannnnd I’m back!
    At this point in life a lot of us are has been athletes aren’t we?
    An 18 year old is not a kid, he’s a man, at least my 18 year old is a man. He’s been an outstanding baseball and football player and I couldn’t be more proud of him. What I’m most proud of is his demeanor on the field. Win or lose, Hit or strikeout, great play or error, tackle or be tackled, he gets up dusts himself off and gets ready for the next play. He respects the other players, coaches, umpires, refs, and fans. He GETS it. He was TAUGHT that way. He wasn’t born with that knowledge.
    I’d prefer to tell a kid when he’s done something wrong, rather than give him a free pass on bad behavior.
    If you feel differently, then that’s your prerogative. Pat him on the butt and tell him it’s ok, your just a kid, you don’t know any better.
    And by the way, I’ve never strived to be any better or worse than anybody else, so I guess I turned out right where I thought I would.
    Thanks for the free psyche eval though.
    If you want to censor somebody move to China. Otherwise we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    • ACL says

      That’s it. I’m done. You can’t argue with someone who actually believes an 18 year old is a man. The law may say he is but I have news for you, he’s not. Maybe your son is different but 99 out of 100 18 year olds are not even close to being a man.

      I am also done because I never said that I condoned the player’s behavior. I was making a point about adults (and I am using the term loosely) calling out high school players publically for performance, actions, etc. Nothing more, nothing less.

      You don’t get it. Never have, never will. I have wasted enough time on you.

  14. SCCDAD says

    A very entertaining thread….There will always be differing opinions on who does and who doesn’t belong on these teams and every year a few parents,friends and relatives are enraged that their player was left off……This is not an exact science and I am sure that the staff does their best to “get it right” so if your player didn’t make a team relax their life will go on…..As far as the player on his cell phone at an American Legion game i really don’t know what that has to do with how he performed for Amity this season…..it seems like an entirerly different topic to me….Congrats to all the players on the team and every player who works hard every day to be the best he can be and Thank You to the GametimeCT staff for doing the work they do.

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