CIAC Lacrosse Championship Live Updates


  1. JB says

    Similar thing would happen in football if the playoffs weren’t rigged against the FCIAC and SCC. Football playoffs need to be more competitive like Lax. Colleges recruit in CT for Lax but laugh at our football. That really needs to change.

  2. JB says

    20 best teams in the state per class … great play-in round and then a 16 team playoff. Best teams advance and two best rise to the top and play each other in the finals. No biased point system, just straight up competition … best team wins. Close games, great battles, all over the state. Lax has this figured out.

    The football committee needs to get out of its way and let schools compete. If T-day games are history, football should follow Lax and go to 3 classes (L-M-S) and 16 team playoffs. Coaches seed the teams. Finals the Saturday after T-day … extended families and former players from all over the state would come.

    • willie says

      I agree with Sean. The lax playoffs may be worse than the football playoffs.They are a bit of a farce.
      Two problems: 1. conn is not ready for a class system for lax based on male student population. how good a school is in lax depends on how long the school/town has been playing unlike in football where everyone has been playing for years… so we have a situation where NC and Darien could play their JV players and get to the M finals against each other; 2 not having some strength of schedule component to the seeding leads to preposterous results eg Simsbury is “undefeated” and seeded 1 in L in a very weak bracket and gets routed by staples, a solid program but the 5th or 6th best team in Fairfield county, while Greenwich, Ridgefield and Prep, 3 of the 5 best in the state play in the same bracket and knock each other out in early rounds.
      Partial solution: 1. go back to D!, D2 maybe D3 like hockey. have the best teams play each other in the same division for the D1 title. Really, shouldn’t it be almost as hard to get to a state final as it is to get to the FCIAC final??? under the current system it is far more difficult to win the FCIAC title than a State title! Let the developing programs play in D2, develop and have some fun, rather than being fed to the NC/Darien/ Prep etc lions
      and 2. add some strength of schedule component to seeding. This will never happen of course because it is complicated but if D!,D2 etc were (re) introduced it may not matter as much.

      • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

        Agreed. I’d like to see D1, D2, D3 again for lacrosse. Like hockey, it’s specialized and not so mainstream as basketball, football, soccer. Not yet anyway.

      • JB says

        yak, yak, yak … willie, that is a total rationalization for not being able to compete at the state level. Football is worse … come on men, let’s take of the skirts and start to compete.

        • Willie says

          Well JB you are definitely watching a different lax tournament from the one I’m following.
          If you want to support the development of conn lacrosse, have a state tournament with Darien, NC, Ridgefield, Prep, Greenwich, Staples, Wilton (when they recover), two more good teams from each of the fciac and the scc and the best two to three schools from upstate conn all in the same division. Then you would have the “best teams” playing each other and “great games.”
          Have D2 and maybe D3 for the rest.
          And have a system where schools can be moved over time between the divisions based on performance criteria.
          The current system doesn’t have a “biased point system”? Wow. I want you on my jury. In the seeding, the point system seems to equate a win or loss against out of state teams that may be among the best 10 to 15 teams in the country with a win or loss vs any conn team. Imagine if they did this for NCAA basketball. The seeding system as is would be tolerable if the system was moved to a D1 D2 type approach as in hockey as I think things would wash out.
          Anyway, none of this will happen.

          • JB says

            Sorry, willie, was just yanking your chain. I take your points and understand the frustration. But the same thing would be good for football … there are “haves” and “have nots” in football as well so that D1/D2/D3 approach would work as well. Problem is everyone thinks the “pretenders” in fringe conferences under the current football format need to be protected from the big, bad SCC and FCIAC. Once T-day games are gone, I would rather see a 16 team playoff format in three classes (L-M-S) to dispense with as much of the bias as possible. True playoffs aren’t supposed to be warm and fuzzy to ensure all conferences are represented. Come the playoff season, couldn’t care less about what league folks are in … just want to see the best teams play each other. It too rarely happens in the football playoffs with blowouts galore.

  3. willie says

    JB I certainly agree with you that the FCIAC and the SCC have the best teams in the most sports and there are many pretenders from other conferences that get into the playoffs and are seeded, and often ranked in polls, much higher than they should because they play easy schedules.

    • Willie says

      So in class M NC and Darien, two great teams and powerhouse programs, each win their three playoff games by scores that would in football terms be equivalent to 60-7. And the games were so close only because NC and Darien spent a good part of the time trying NOT to run up the score and embarrass everyone by winning by the equivalent of 80-7.
      All you can say for class M is these two teams are excellent, thank goodness they did not fall in the same bracket and it should be a great final. The real state championship.
      In class L hats off to Amity. They played exceptionally well vs Staples. And Staples is an excellent program. That said, the tournament in class L became a bit of a snoozer as soon as the ciac seeding system spit out Greenwich ridge field and prep in the same bracket.
      In class S, well st joes will win. But should they be playing in class S?
      This tournament is many things but not sure sport is one of them. Go back to D1 D2 etc

        • JB says

          Lax is not hockey. Sorry, Sean, but the FCIAC rules Lax … football would be similar but too much bias in football … there everybody should win a trophy crap.

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Not arguing that. I’m saying the lax seeding is beyond atrocious. Go back to D1 D2 (and add D3)

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