2014 CHSCA All-State Baseball teams

Housatonic's Willy Yahn and Northwestern's Zach Risedorf chat at home plate before Yahn steps into the batters box. Both Yahn and Risedorf are playing at UConn next season. Pete Paguaga - Register Citizen

Housatonic’s Willy Yahn and Northwestern’s Zach Risedorf chat at home plate before Yahn steps into the batters box.  Pete Paguaga – Register Citizen

Notre Dame's John Amendola is one of the best pitchers in the state and can that will be on display this tournament. Photo by Peter Casolino

Notre Dame’s John Amendola. Photo by Peter Casolino


  • Kevin Stone, Fairfield Prep
  • Joe Rivera, Southington
  • Jake Pitser, New Milford
  • Kyle Dunster, Greenwich
  • John Russell, Glastonbury
  • Sam Ellinwood, Staples
  • Brett Phillips, Wilton
  • Virgil Procaccini, Newtown
  • Dan Schock, Cheshire
  • Sebastian Dimauro, Amity
  • Jarrett Michaels, Bristol Central
  • Evan Rodriguez, Manchester
  • Mike Foley, Fairfield-Warde
  • Zach Susi, Southington
  • Adam Dulsky, Staples
  • Greg Hennessey, Newtown
  • Isaiah Rivera, Newtown
  • Laurence Hill, Xavier



  • Ron Rossomando, Bunnell
  • Kevin Johnson, Jonathan Law
  • Merlyn Herrera, Cheney Tech
  • Alex Cornell, E.O. Smith
  • Daren Grabowski, Berlin
  • Jake Wilson, Pomperaug
  • Alex LaPolice, New Canaan
  • Scott Braren, Hand
  • Noah Hahn, Avon
  • Justin Lasko, Bunnell
  • Jake Rouse, Law
  • Nick Lamberti, East Haven
  • Eddie Santiago, New London
  • Sam Breiner, Stratford
  • Austin Toback, East Lyme
  • John Amendola, Notre Dame-West Haven
  • Ryan Costello, Wethersfield
  • Kyle Naples, Berlin



  • Tanner Kingsley, Woodland
  • Jordan Kowalski.Ledyard
  • Jordan Federer, Plainfield
  • Buddy Dewaine, Montville
  • Brian Moskey, Haddam-Killingworth
  • Jon Bassett, Ellington
  • Troy Hastings, Suffield
  • Jake King, Granby
  • Bobby Schryver, Ansonia
  • Asher Lee Tyson, Weston
  • Tom Pezzolesi, Waterford
  • Joe Leslie, Ellington
  • Tyler Gammie, East Catholic
  • Jordan Zeppieri, Montville
  • Zach Risedorf, Northwest Regional
  • Ethan Lee Tyson, Weston
  • Robbie Hitt, Suffield
  • Jack Risley, Windham
  • Ben Brown, Holy Cross



  • Kevin Radziewicz, Cromwell
  • Sal Frosceno, Derby
  • Mike Casciano, Somers 
  • Jake Kalette, Stafford
  • Bill Buscetto.Old Lyme
  • Jason Traceski, Nathan Hale-Ray
  • Randy Polonia, Trinity Catholic
  • Willy Yahn, Housatonic Regional
  • Tristan Pepin, Wamogo
  • Mike Milius, Thomaston
  • Jake Walkinshaw, Seymour
  • Josh Simpson, Stafford
  • Dillon Stimpson, Notre Dame-Fairfield
  • Marvin Gorgas, East Hampton
  • Willie Rios, St. Bernard
  • Sam Grigo. Westbrook
  • Nick Kuzia, Seymour
  • Adam Donovan, Somers


        • Trevor says

          The best hitter in the Scc I’m a college coach for a very successful program and I can tell you right now hands down the best pitcher in the Scc was Johnny amendola and best hitter by far in the four years I been following him is nick Lamberti. What he has accomplished is unreal. 565 career average 735 career on base percentage and his 100th hit as a jr. You people have to wake up and give credit where it is due. The kid has represented the state on 6 all star teams from his jr year on. There will always be kids getting shafted it’s just life but don’t take credit from kids who deserve it. There’s more to this game then all state and all area selection. You parents need to stop using this as coffee table discussions. This shouldn’t be about you there’s a bigger picture to this.

  1. College coach says

    There will always be kids off the all-state list that 100 percent, no argument , ….period should be recognized. Was John amendola the only reason ND won L this year? How many runs did he Put on the scoreboard? kept them off and deserves to be allstae, but no other player??Did Amity win LL with no pitching? To list one player from the LL state champs seems odd??? Do statistics mean anything in the vote or is it a big name kid having a good year an automatic. Look at stats fellas. Your list may include some very good performers.

    • John Amendola Sr. says

      Seriously? You call out a kid by name? I know you said he deserves All State but perhaps you shouldn’t call out a kid by name. Have you ever seen John hit? When he went to Notre Dame they decided he should concentrate on his pitching and no longer hit,a decision that worked out pretty good , you think? Maybe this post offends me a little because i am his father but i don’t think a “college coach”,if you really are one, should single out any kid by name while not giving out your own.

      • College coach says

        John. Sorry you took my comment the way it wasn’t intended. Yes, I was a college coach, gave it up to attend to my sick child. There was no disrespect to your son. My point was there has to be other AllStar caliber players on winning teams such as ND, however one player was selected. I haven’t seen your son hit, middle school or little league, but I have enjoyed watching him pitch. I attended the North Haven game(where I live) the Amity SCC first playoff game ( where my friend’s son plays) and the L final. Enjoy the summer

  2. crimson crusader says

    Congrats to all of the players who were selected …..but why so many for each classification?? The best way to select an All-State team is to choose the best at each position….plus a DH and two lefty pitchers and two righty pitchers. Looking at the teams, it does not state what position they play or whether they are soph…jr. or sr…..If we have this many all-State caliber players then why aren’t there more college baseball scholarships being offered and more players chosen in the professional draft.

  3. CHSCA thoughts.... says

    I like what crimson crusader has suggested…..maybe the people who vote should also contact the high school coach to get a feel for his players and who had an AllState year. This way a player who might have broken a high school hit record or a pitcher who ended up with an ERA under 1.5-2.0 who faced a rigerous schedule would be honored as an AllState player. Just a thought…..

  4. High School Fan says

    These all state lists are a joke. How can a coach from the northern part of the state vote for a player from the southern part of the state unless he’s seen that player play? Also, the votes are largely based on offensive statistics which are only as good as the person keeping the scorebook. Finally, isn’t defense part of the game? Once again, how can a coach vote for a player that he hasn’t seen. Names, reputations and politics determine who make the team. In the end, it doesn’t matter so why do it?

  5. Baseball Fan says

    I’ve enjoyed seeing Johnny A. hit many a ball over the fence in little league and many when he went on to play AAU Baseball. Wore his Wallingford and Rebels Jersey proudly . I have also seen him perform as a consistently reliable winning pitcher throughout his career. All around great Ball player! Well deserved spot on the All State team. Guess people are entitled to their opinions…I have my opionion ..way to go J.A.

  6. pitching wins says

    all-star teams continue to be a joke—–you have a 242 hitter with a load of errors, a pitcher who barely got to the 500. mark its all about who the head coach pushes or whos parent is up the coaches behind.dont kid your self, for every 5 players that deserve it,there are 10 that don’t belong on team.

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